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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters directed by David de Vos - Movie Review + Giveaway

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Movie Name
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters


Release Date
August 1st

Steve loves all three of his daughters – but does he really know who they are? Discover the heartfelt journey of a dad who is desperately trying to hold onto his little girls but learns he must give up control and trust God with their future.
Watch the movie inspired by Dr. Meg Meeker’s best-selling book, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.”

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 Fun Facts
STRONG FATHERS, STRONG DAUGHTERS will be exclusively on Pure Flix starting  August 1st!  

      • STRONG FATHERS, STRONG DAUGHTERS is based on the New York Times Bestselling  book written by Dr. Meg Meeker  

• When a wealthy businessman learns his daughter is engaged to a missionary, he embarks on a quest to keep her closer to home. But when his efforts go awry, he must learn to give up control and trust God with her future.  
• This is the perfect film to watch as a family with your older daughters  

• Featuring real-life married couples Bart Johnson & Robin Lively and Maria Canals Barrera & David Barrera  

• “This movie isn't just a heart-warming story. It is a cry from every daughter's heart to her father, to give her the power only he can give to help her become an extraordinary woman.” –Dr. Meg Meeker

Interview with Dr. Meg Meeker

My Review **Disclosure** Many thanks to Pure Flix/Momentum Influencer Network for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own. 
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is a heartwarming film that showcases the love between father and daughter. It's a movie that will make you smile, and it may even make you cry. It's an absolutely beautiful film, and I enjoyed it immensely. The movie follows Steve Parston, a wealthy businessman with a wife three daughters--Abby, Zoey, and Bridget. When eldest daughter Abby returns home with a surprise fiancé, Steve must come to terms with the fact that his little girl is all grown up and no longer has the same hopes, dreams, and plans she did when she was younger. Add in a rebellious middle daughter (Zoey) and a sweet youngest daughter (Bridget), and Steve has his hands full. This is such a wonderful film. I absolutely loved Oz (Abby's fiancé) and his parents. They were delightful and full of great advice. I also liked Abby. And while Steve had some moments, he was also the type of father I think every daughter wishes she could have. He cared. He wanted to protect his daughters. He loved his family. Honestly, though, this movie also made me sad. Sad because I didn't have a family like this growing up, and it made me wish I did. My father wasn't around very often, and my mom wasn't exactly a good person/parent either (parents were divorced when I was 2). When my dad did bother to spend time with me and my twin sister, he didn't seem like he was all that interested in our lives. He wanted a son and ended up with twin daughters, so he decided he didn't care enough to make an effort. Sadly, he passed away almost 9 years ago, so there's no longer a chance to even try to make amends or try to have a father/daughter relationship. So seeing the father in this movie caring about and loving his daughters so much just made me feel sad and disappointed. But, sometimes those are the cards life hand you, and all you can do is make the best of things. Overall, this is a sweet, heartfelt film that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I would definitely recommend it for a family movie night.

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