Monday, August 15, 2022

Where Is My Smile? by Natalie Reeves Billing - Book Tour & Review

 Where Is My Smile by Natalie Reeves Billing & Hannah Jesse

8th - 24th Aug

Genre: Children’s Fiction 

Publisher: Tiny Tree  @BillingReeves @byhannahjesse @tinytreebooks @lovebookstours 

Blurb A beautifully illustrated picture book about mental health for young readers. Where Is My Smile? is the story of a little boy who can’t find his smile anywhere. He searches and searches, but it’s nowhere to be found. Where could his smile be?

This delightful picture book is perfect as a bedtime story, and to help little children understand that it’s okay to be sad sometimes, but we can always find our way through it.

Where Is My Smile? is the first in a new series of picture books from Natalie Reeves Billing focused on children’s mental health.

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My Review

Where Is My Smile? is a lovely children's book about a little boy who can't seem to find his smile anywhere. He searches high and low, but it's nowhere to be found. Even his parents don't have their smiles anymore. Where could their smiles be? 
This story is adorable, and it teaches kids that it's okay to be sad sometimes. There's nothing wrong with having a bad day, where you just can't seem to smile for any reason. But eventually, something will happen that will bring that smile right back to your face. In the story, it's something silly and fun, but it could be something as simple as a hug. 
A delightful picture book with a good message for young readers. I highly recommend it to everyone. 
5 stars!

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