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Kingdom of Broken Iron by Mallory McCartney - Book Tour + Giveaway

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the KINGDOM OF BROKEN IRON by Mallory McCartney Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About the book:

Title: KINGDOM OF BROKEN IRON (Black Dawn #3)

Author: Mallory McCartney

Pub. Date: September 19, 2022

Publisher: MM Books

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Pages: 350

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, TBD,

"Together they will rise."

Something sinister is sweeping across Kiero, and war threatens to rip apart the remains of Black Dawn Rebellion.

Distraught by the decisions she made while in the Draken Mountains with Adair, Emory Fae, Queen of Kiero, is hiding a deadly secret, and now, Emory is seeking aid from Marquis Maher, King of the Shattered Isles, in the looming war.

With Brokk by her side, they search for answers and aid from the Shattered Isles, a country that has remained protected from Adair's wrath across the Black Sea. While there, Emory will learn the weight of what it means to be Queen, but what will she sacrifice to save the ones she loves?

Since the Academy fell and the Black Dawn rebellion scattered, Brokk Foster's past and the truth about his lineage has come to light. Brokk and his newly found immortal fey warriors are skeptical of Marquis and his terms to a new alliance. Being torn between love and Brokk's loyalty to the rebellion, he will have to decide whether to remain true to his cause or follow a destiny he never wanted.

Together, can Emory and Brokk make an alliance in time to return to Kiero and aid the rebels?

Nyx Astire, new clan leader to the raiders in the Risco Desert, has lost everything. With no word on if the town of Pentharrow has survived under Azarius Walsh's command, Nyx tries to rally the Dust Clan and prepare them to ally with any remaining members of the Black Dawn Rebellion. But tradition and her past throws Nyx into a dynamic ruling. Will she do anything to ensure Kiero's survival from her new point of power?

Kingdom of Broken Iron is the third installment in the bestselling Black Dawn series. Can friendship, love, and fellowship defy an enemy Kiero has never seen before?

Grab the first 2 books in the series now!







The saol eile was stuff of legend.  

In Lana’s world, Langther, the afterlife wasn’t feared. In fact, it was a great honor to find one’s peace with generations of your family waiting to greet you in the everlasting light. Death didn’t scare  her; she had been preparing for it since being trapped in Kiero. Now, the dark, unrelenting claws of  death had her in their hold, and Lana wished she had more time with Azarius.  

Her heart wrenching, she took a deep breath as the sounds of her home reached her, teased her . . . Lana was on her knees, the waves of the Keiv Ocean crashing in the distance, the heat caressing  her cheeks when she tipped her face toward the warm sunlight. Langther was tropical against the bleak  war in Kiero that she had left behind.  

That she had died for.  

Greenery stretched as far as she could see: ancient vines crawling up the bases of trees. In her peripheral vision, she saw a flicker of movement—a small filieacan drifting toward her. Its vibrant  yellow wings reflected the spattering of sunlight, its long antennae moving back and forth. Lana  assumed it was taking in her scent. Fluttering, soft silver dust floated from the filieacan, touching the  grass underneath as it grew before Lana’s eyes, becoming lusher and healthier. The small creatures  were always said to be a sign of vitality. Brows furrowing, she looked down at her fighting leathers— 

now stripped clean. No remnants of her blood, no trace of the clashing of ash and fire. Even the  fissures of pain that had broken her were now only a memory.  

Blinking at the landscape, she thought it would be busier. Yet no generations of windwalkers  greeted her. No perytons clawed through the skies. No crystal champagne. No feast. No one disrupted  the harrowing silence.  

She stepped forward, and fear slithered down her spine. Lana tentatively called out, “Hello?  Anybody?” 

You’re alone.  


The jungle absorbed her cautious footfalls as she walked in search of someone or anything.  “Lana?” 

She closed her eyes at the sound of that voice, and her heart started to pound.  There, appearing among the thick green foliage, was her mother. She hadn’t aged, looking exactly  as she did in Lana’s memories. Her skin was honey-gold, and she wore a simple green top and high waisted black pants that flowed loosely toward her ankles, which were bound in leather sandals. Their  gazes met, and Lana thought she would combust from the joy filling her. 

Her mother made no move toward her. Instead, seemingly frozen, her mother paled. “No. No.  No. What are you doing here? It’s not your time yet.” Her mother’s face pinched in concern, her deep  chestnut hair shining in the sun. 

The familiarity of her and the fact she was here ripped a hole in Lana’s chest at the time lost.  “Hello to you too, Mom.” Lana chortled. “That’s a grand assumption to make.” Closing the space, her mother grabbed her wrists—hard. “Lana, you have to listen to me. I have seen  it in the eternal winds. The whispers of your essence found me. You’re stuck, my love, between life  and death.” 

Cold sweat collected in Lana’s palms. Echoes of memories churned in her heart—of the Oilean’s  dark ritual, how they had used her life, her magic, to rip open the channel between Kiero and Daer,  how the menacing army had flooded the Noctis Woods before the end embraced her.  

Her mother’s understanding eyes held hers, and Lana choked out, “I went to distract Adair,  thinking I could grant the Rebellion more time. The Oilean caught my scent, and I was caught off  guard. They followed me back to Pentharrow, and to Azarius. It was the least I could do, Mom, to  buy them the time to escape. I couldn’t let them die.” 

She leaned into her mother’s hands when her mother cupped Lana’s face. “I know, my love, I  know.” 

“Mom . . .” 

Her mother kissed her forehead, soft and assuring. “Go back, Lana. Go back to him. Azarius Walsh needs you. Kiero needs you.” 

Tears slipped fast and silent down Lana’s cheeks. She watched her mother step away from her.  The wind picked up, dirt and pieces of green leaves ripping off the branches, spinning around her. The warm and familiar scents of cinnamon and sea salt filled her senses. Pure wonder radiated through  Lana at how much a single scent could grant strength.  

A moment was all it took to remember what exactly she was fighting for. What her mother had  died for. Protecting generations of secrets and her dream to be able to live a life free from war. One with Azarius

Taking in a sharp breath, Lana couldn’t react as her mother’s hands connected with her chest,  shoving her back.  

And Lana fell, gravity leaving her in one swooping moment.  

She fell.  

And fell.  

She gasped, and her eyes snapped open. Her soul reconnected to her physical self in a jarring  rush, causing her to shudder.  

Cold, heavy chains weighed down her wrists. She was still stretched and pinned to the trees in a  T formation. The residue of the Oilean’s magic covered her like a poison. Dried blood caked her skin,  and Lana blinked against the soft purple light of the Noctis Woods. It must be the middle of the night, she  thought. Downy snowflakes drifted lazily around her as she focused on what was in front of her. 

The ring was charred, smoke still drifting up from it. Where the rocks had once been, tiny craters  were grooved into the frozen earth. Frost clawed its way over the bark of the surrounding trees like  rays of the moonlight, and the ice stretched as far as she could see.  

Except for in the ring.  

Her thoughts collided into her. The Oilean had opened the channel; the power they had funneled  into the emerald stones had come from her. In horror, she had tried to fight against the weight of how 

the Oilean used her in the ways of forbidden magic . . . She hadn’t stopped it, stopped them. They  had left her body to rot in the ancient woods, her remaining power left to deteriorate with it. Closing her eyes, Lana heard the earth churning, recoiling. And it was there, on the sigh of the  wind, that the lingering magic spoke to her.  




When her eyes opened, her resolve set. She had time. If war wasn’t ripping Kiero apart at this  moment, then there was still hope in the Rebellion. In Azarius.  

Sucking in a deep breath, Lana dipped into her thread of depleted power. Thanks to her mother,  the Oilean didn’t foresee her coming back from death, so they had left a small ribbon of her ability.  In a plume of smoke, the chains disintegrated. She landed on her knees, and pain ripped through  her. Panting, she forced herself to move, her legs shaking like a newborn peryton’s. Lana stood, then  tumbled. Flakes of snow caught on her eyelashes, melting against her skin.  

She took one step; her mind spun.  

If the Oilean wanted a body to display and relish in their victories, they would get one. With a  flick of her hand, she carved an imprint with the last threads of her ability. Born from the wind, pieced  together from the earth, held together by her spilled blood, the body appeared, strung up in the tree— a replica of her corpse.  

Ripping herself from the grim scene, Lana fled into the night. Each painful step jarred her back  to the present moment, pushing her to find Azarius. The whisper of the world curled around her. Run.  




About Mallory:

Mallory McCartney currently lives in Sarnia, Ontario with her husband, their two dachshunds Link and Leonard and two sphynx cats Luna and Legolas.

When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found daydreaming about fantasy worlds and hiking.

Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.

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