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Lingering by Chris Coppel - Book Tour & Review

Lingering by Chris Coppel


About the book

The woods looked dark and ominous, Between the trees, where the darkness was blacker than black, dozens of slanted yellow eyes flicked open and stared back towards the house. They weren’t the eyes of anything human.

When Paul and Christy purchase Croft House, they are both looking forward to a new start. Christy’s abusive father is dying, and she is ready to put the past behind her. But the house has other ideas. They soon realise there is something else there with them in the house, something that’s trying to communicate with them.

In their fear, they ask a local psychic to remove this entity. And in so doing, release something far, far worse.

Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, Lingering release date is June 28.


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 My Review
Lingering is a pretty simple, straightforward haunted house story that has what I call the "Mama" vibe. And by that, I mean, it's horror, but it's more sad than scary. Sure, there are some creepy moments that will elicit fear (especially if you're reading alone in the dark), but for me, it was ultimately just kind of depressing. Not because it's bad or anything, but because of the whole reasoning behind the haunting. 
The story follows Paul and Christy as they find their new forever home, but not without complications. Not only is there something off about the house, but Christy's father interrupts the move by needing her to return home to care for him after a stroke. Christy doesn't want to go, but she knows she needs to, if only for the sake of putting her past to rest. **Note: Christy's past involves triggering subject matter, so keep that in mind in you plan to read this book.
With Christy gone, Paul tackles the move on his own. But soon, he realizes he's not exactly alone. 
When Christy's father passes away, she's finally able to join Paul in their new home. But when she realizes there's a spirit, she contacts a friend to come cleanse the house. Unfortunately for Paul and Christy, the cleansing brings even more problems. Will either of them survive their haunted home, or will they themselves become ghosts?
I thought this was a good story. It's relatively easy to get sucked into, and it's a pretty quick read (unless you're me and let real life take over and eat away at your reading time). The characters are well-written and likeable, and the plot is nicely paced, with some genuine spooky moments scattered throughout. 
The only issue for me was, there were quite a few typos within the pages, and that sort of took away from my enjoyment of the story. One or two I can ignore, but there were a bit more than that. Also, I like fiction that doesn't include stressful real-life stuff in it (because we get enough of that in the news daily), so the mentions of masking and Covid also detracted a bit. But maybe that's just me. 
Overall, though, this is another good story from the author, and I will definitely continue to read anything that comes across my radar (as time permits, of course). 
4 stars!

About the author:

Chris believes that stories should be able to transport the reader to different places, where they can experience events and dimensions that have never been considered. Chris is able to write gentle fable-like adventures (Far From Burden Dell) as well as opening the pages into dark and terrifying stories where dimensions co-exist with indescribable evil. (Legacy). 

Chris Coppel was born in California and has since split his time between the USA and Europe, living in California, Spain, France, Switzerland and England.

Chris has held senior operations positions for both Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. Chris also held the position of Director of Operations for UCLA’s Film School where he also taught advanced screen writing. Chris and his wife Clare spent many years helping animal rescue with Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. Before joining Best Friends, Chris was President and Managing Director of the Home Entertainment Division of Testronics in Los Angeles.

Following in his father’s footsteps (Alec Coppel wrote Vertigo among many other successful movies) Chris has written numerous screenplays as well as the novels Far From Burden Dell, Luck, The Lodge, Legacy and Lakebed.

Chris is also an accomplished drummer and guitarist. He and his wife currently live in the UK.

Social Media:

Facebook: www.facebook.coc/ccoppel1

Instagram: chris.coppel

Twitter: @chriscoppel



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