Tuesday, September 27, 2022

My Silly Auntie by Jessica Parkin - Book Tour & Review

 My Silly Auntie by Jessica Parkin  19th - 27th September  Genre: Children’s Fiction  Age: 2- 6 Pages:29

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Do you have a silly Auntie?

When Tilly's Auntie Lottie comes to babysit, things get a bit silly. Too many bubbles in the bath, ice cream for tea? And who eats spinach?

An amusing easy read with great illustrations.

Enjoy the Tilly Tales series in ebook or in paperback.

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My Review

My Silly Auntie is a cute children's book about a little girl named Tilly whose Auntie Lottie comes to babysit one day. The story follows one day in the life of Tilly as she experiences her Auntie's silliness. From forgetting nap time to being unable to work the TV, and even having to serve ice cream for tea, Auntie Lottie sure does have a lot going on. But Tilly knows, even with her Auntie's silliness, she still loves Tilly and her brother. 
This is a quick, easy read. It has fun illustrations and is just an overall silly book with a lot of shenanigans going on. But young readers will find it amusing and want to read it again and again. 
5 stars!

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