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Getting into their house was easy. The hard part was getting out.

Maria and William seem to have it all. Two happy children. A beautiful house. A thriving business.

But when their home is invaded by David, an ex-employee with a score to settle, the couple face a terrifying fight to survive.

During the course of one hellish night, David picks apart their carefully constructed life. Secrets are unearthed, truths revealed.

And soon David begins to wonder if he’s bitten off more than he can chew – because he’s discovering Maria and William are not the defenceless couple he imagined. By the time he realises who these people really are, it may already be too late…

Who will make it out alive?

One couple. One intruder. Several shocking secrets…

 My Review
The Intruder is my first book by Daniel Hurst, but it won't be my last. This story was quite thrilling, and I enjoyed every moment of it.
The Intruder tells the story of Maria and William, a happily married couple with two lovely children and a business they run together that makes them tons of money. They care about their employees and treat them well, and their clients are always happy with the work they do. But one ex-employee doesn't think Maria and William are all that great. They fired him after a complaint, even though David insisted he was innocent. But now, David is out for revenge. He's going to make them pay for ruining his life. Too bad David underestimates the couple...
When David invades their home, Maria and William will do anything to survive. But soon, everyone's lives are flipped when secrets start to come to light, and that's when the real fun begins.
This was a tense little cat-and-mouse game that I rather liked. It's a story of secrets, lies, and betrayal, and it's also a story that makes you wonder just how much you can actually trust people, no matter how close to them you are. 
The characters are fascinating and well-written. And when things start to go downhill, that's when they get really interesting with how they behave and such. 
The plot is easy to get sucked into, and I found I didn't want to put the book down, because I was so invested in what was going on with the characters. 
If you're looking for an exciting thriller to read, definitely check out The Intruder.
4.5 stars!

Author Bio

Daniel Hurst writes psychological thrillers and loves to tell tales about unusual things happening to normal people. He has written all his life, making the progression from handing scribbled stories to his parents as a boy to writing full length novels in his thirties. He lives in the North West of England and when he isn’t writing, he is usually watching a game of football in a pub where his wife can’t find him.


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