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The World is Beautiful with Colors by Shriyanie Fernando - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

The World is Beautiful with Colors

by Shriyanie Fernando


GENRE:   Children's



Nate is a very curious, intelligent and independent little boy who is fascinated and inspired by all the beautiful colors in the world, which sparks his imagination.

This charming and delightful story is about Nate's magical, funny, and colorful adventure on his very first day of school, starting with magically changing colors and figuring it out with his pleasantly surprised mom.

This unique book not only takes young readers on a joyfully exciting adventure, but also inspires and educates them on essential life lessons and conveys a very powerful and positive message.

A must-have book in every school and in every child's hand, this book is a precious gift to all the children in the world.



Little Nate was very excited and looking forward to his first day of school. He woke up early in the morning and looked carefully in the big mirror in his room. 

Then he looked very carefully.

He noticed that he was a bit yellow. 

“This is so strange,” whispered Nate.

Then he called his mom. 

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommyyyyy! I look a bit yellow today, maybe because I ate too much pineapple and too many bananas last night.”

“Oh! Nate,” laughed his mom, “that is all your imagination. But that is very creative thinking, Nate.

“Now, please take a shower and get ready for school.”


My Review The World is Beautiful with Colors is a cute children's book with a good message at the end. It's a story that follows Nate, a little boy who discovers he looks a bit different when he eats different colored foods. One day he's yellow because of bananas and pineapples. One day he may be orange because of carrots or oranges. And even blackberries, milk, and a hot shower change Nate's coloring. He discovers that no matter what color he is, though, he is still beautiful and loved by his mom. And once he arrives at school, Nate realizes that people come in all colors (and shapes and sizes), and they are all beautiful too. It's a fun, silly story, but it also teaches kids (and adults) to look past color and see people for who they really are. We're all human, and skin color is just one aspect that does not define who a person is. Always a good (and important) lesson to remember. And while I did think Nate's dialogue was a little strange at times (I don't think I've ever heard a little boy say, "Wonderful, I like to walk"), the overall story itself is wonderful. Something readers of all ages can enjoy. 4 stars!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Shriyanie Fernando lives in Toronto, Canada, near beautiful Lake Ontario, with her three amazing children—a girl and two boys—and her husband. She is also a proud grandmother to a precious little boy from her daughter.

She is an AMI Montessori Education consultant and also an AMI Montessori educator working directly with young children for many many years.

She was the founder/owner/executive director of two Montessori schools and was the chief executive AMI Montessori education consultant to Green Nest Children's Foundation, working tirelessly for less fortunate children to give them a good education in their formative years. She now writes full time to inspire and educate children around the world. She hopes to touch each and every child's heart by her inspiring, fun and exciting stories with her unique blend of expertise and experiences in the fascinating world of education.

She is a lover of nature, beaches and holidays. She is terrified of bees and dogs for no reason. When her son got a Rottweiler puppy, she climbed onto the kitchen table, terrified. After a while she was fascinated and became an extraordinarily loving dog mom. Her family wonders, if they adopt a bee will she be a loving bee mom too?

When she is not writing, she spends most of her time reading, gardening and cooking. Her dishes are amazing, fantastic, beautiful, and delicious, just like her writing.

If you would love to teach your children life lessons in a fun, beautiful, exciting and enchanting way, this book is a must read for you.





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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely review of The World is Beautiful with Colors, this sounds like a wonderful book to share with my grandchildren and I am looking forward to reading the story with them

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book.

  3. The book sounds wonderful. My grandchildren would love it.


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