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Blind House by Jamie-Lee Brooke - Book Tour & Review

Book Blurb

Fame is about to get deadly in this terrifying, fresh take on a haunted house thriller.

Set in an idyllic Cotswolds village, rookie paranormal investigator, Megan Forrest, is roped into investigating the strange goings-on at the home of Hollywood actor, Ross Huston.

Ross and his wife Deborah are convinced that their Victorian mansion is being haunted by the mentally ill patients who resided there in the late nineteenth century.
Patients who were brutally treated and murdered at the hands of a cruel doctor.

As Megan investigates ghosts from the past, two women from the present go missing- women who were last seen at the Huston’s property. Who was the doctor and how is everything connected?

When Megan finds herself swept up in a dangerous game, she can’t escape.
Who was the Doctor?
One thing she knows for sure, is that there is something watching her…

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My Review
Blind House is a haunted house story, but there's a little bit more to it than that. For a debut novel, I thought it was really well done. There's a creepiness that lingers as you read, and even as clues start to fall into place and you start figuring things out, there's still a slight edge that will keep you on your toes.  There are also a couple of slightly more graphic scenes, so if you have a weaker constitution, you may want to proceed with caution while reading this book.
The story follows Megan, a paranormal investigator who is mourning the death of her best friend while also dealing with being homeless and down on her luck after leaving her abusive leech of a boyfriend. She gets a call asking her to come to Ross Huston's house to try and help expel the ghosties that are creeping out Ross's wife. But Ross isn't just a normal guy; he's a famous Hollywood celebrity, and he's offering Megan the chance to get back on her feet if she can help him out. Of course, Megan takes the job, but she soon realizes she's gotten way more than she bargained for. 
With strange noises, creepy dreams, and the constant sighting of a black hound plaguing her, Megan must work to uncover the truth before it's too late.
This was a fun read. Normally, haunted house stories don't appeal to me, because I personally just don't find ghosts/hauntings to be too scary. But I'm glad I gave this one a chance, because there's a twist that happens that was a little bit surprising. While I had a feeling I knew what was really going on, I didn't quite figure out everything, and the ending definitely wasn't what I was expecting. I enjoyed that. 
I also liked the backstory we got about Megan. Although there isn't too much detail, it's enough to sort of understand why her life played out the way it did. I think it made her more real. 
Overall, a pretty solid debut novel. If you're looking for a creepy haunted house story with a slight twist, give Blind House a go.
4 stars!

Author Bio
Jamie-Lee Brooke is the pen name of Brooke Venables who lives with her twin sons in the Worcestershire area. She is an author of both horror and thrillers and works as a dental nurse which gives her plenty of scope to imagine putting people in uncomfortable situations. She loves her job and takes great satisfaction in helping people to smile. 

Jamie-Lee’s biggest achievement to date is graduating after studying with the Open University for six years, achieving a BA Honours in Humanities with classical studies and creative writing. It was no mean feat whilst working and being a mum to twins who both have autism and learning difficulties. 

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