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Bishop by Candace Nola - Book Tour & Review



by Candace Nola

Black Tide Book Tours

November 07-10

Caught between an ancient evil and a man with nothing to lose, a young girl's fate hangs in the balance.

Erin Rogers and her daughter Casey have been missing in the Alaskan wilderness for five days. Troy Spencer is determined to find his sister and niece at any cost. Once there, a local tells Troy about a loner, Bishop, a man shrouded in secrets, who may be his only hope.

As Troy sets out to find the mysterious Bishop, Casey is lost in the woods, alone and frightened, seeking help for her gravely injured mother. But she is not alone, something ancient stalks these forested trails, something evil that hungers for fresh blood.

The trio soon finds themselves caught in a struggle against time as an ancient rivalry is renewed.

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My Review
Bishop is a horror novel about an ancient evil. Something dark that lurks in the woods, waiting and watching for its next meal. It hungers, craving human flesh, unable to sate the pangs that forever assail it. Once it gets your scent, it won't ever stop. It hunts forever, tracking you down until you can no longer escape. And within these pages, the two unfortunate prey are Erin Rogers and her daughter Casey. 
The story starts with a car accident and the death of a young boy's parents. Fast-forward a bit, and now we're following Troy, a man whose sister and niece (Erin and Casey) have been missing in the Alaskan wilderness for almost 5 days. He sets off to hire a ranger or guide to help him search for the only family he has left. When he hears a tale about a man named Bishop who seems to be almost mythical, Troy is determined to hire him on to help find Erin and Casey. 
But Bishop has secrets. He's a man who prefers to be alone, and even with his legendary skills, he may not be a match for the demonic presence that's hunting Erin and Casey right along with him. 
In a race against time, Bishop and Troy are determined to find the missing duo before it's too late. 
I really enjoyed this book. I'm a sucker for monsters/cryptids/things that lurk in the woods, and I knew right away I wanted to read this book when it came across my radar. It's a short read, but it packs a punch. It's tense and spooky, and it just enforces my opinion that going off into the woods is always a bad idea. 
I also really enjoyed the Native mythology in the book. There isn't nearly enough Native American mythology in novels (especially horror novels). I liked that Bishop's secrets involve it, and the creature in the woods is also part of it. I find that sort of stuff fascinating, so it made this book more intriguing to me. 
If you're looking for a scary story to enjoy, give Bishop a go. You won't be disappointed.
4 stars!

About the author

Candace Nola is a Pittsburgh author with 3 published novels currently on Amazon. Breach was her debut novel, published in Nov. 2019, followed by Beyond the Breach, published Dec. 22, 2020. Her third novel, Hank Flynn, was published in July of 2021. She also had a short story published in the Secondhand Creeps anthology in May of 2021, that she co-authored with Sam Hill of the U.K. She is a new member of the Horror Authors Guild and recently joined The House of Stitched magazine as an editor and writer.

She began her horror website in Jan. of 2020 to use as an author website and to help promote other indie authors in the industry. Her interview series, The Dark Dozen, was well-received in fall of 2020 and she began to do more book reviews, author interviews and new release features on her website. Original content was added along with a newsletter and Uncomfortably Dark Horror has morphed into the "go-to place" for the newest in horror book news.

Her novel, Beyond the Breach, won the “Novel of the Year” award for 2021 from the Horror Author Guild and her Debut Novel, Breach, placed 2nd for “Debut Novel of the Year”, also for the 2021 Horror Author Guild awards.

She most recently published her first anthology under her brand, Uncomfortably Dark Horror, with 12 other talented indie authors. The anthology is titled The Baker’s Dozen and was released in Dec. 2021.

You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook as well as her website,

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