Flicker’s Garden Rescue

Aitchoo! Queen Bee has the sneezies and is having trouble organizing this year’s pollination. Without pollen, the plants won’t be able to make the seeds and fruits for the annual Garden Party. Luckily, Flicker and her friends are on hand to save the day.

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US - https://www.amazon.com/Flickers-Garden-Rescue-Grand-Hotel-ebook/dp/B09TNGTYZL

My Review
Flicker's Garden Rescue is an adorable children's book about the importance of lending a helping hand. When Queen Bee gets the sneezies, it's up to Flicker to recruit her bug friends to assist in pollinating the flowers and trees. But her bug friends think it sounds like too much work. Will Flicker be able to convince them to help out, or will their garden party be a bust?
This is a cute read, and my second Flicker book. I think these books are just lovely, with colorful, fun illustrations that bring a smile to my face. Flicker is a great main character that young readers can connect with (even though she's a bug). My son enjoys reading with me, and this book is perfect for someone his age. It's easy to read and has a good message. I would highly recommend it. 
5 stars!

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Jodie Parachini is a children’s author and editor. She lives in a village in Hertfordshire, England, where she loves swimming, gardening, and taking long, rambling hikes with a smelly dog. She can be found at www.JodieParachini.com

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