Friday, November 25, 2022

The Cursed Treasure by Desmon G. Palmer - Book Tour

 The Cursed Treasure by Desmond G. Palmer

21st - 29th Nov  Genre: Adventure, thriller Format: eBook  @DGPalmer3 @lovebookstours 

Blurb  They’re tracking the truth across the world. But with shadowy figures pulling the strings, will calling on the gods of old lead them to their graves?

Natasha Travers lives for adrenaline hits. And after accidentally signing herself up to remain co-owner of a business with her ex-husband, former SAS captain Lucas Redmond, the skilled treasure hunter is looking for any excuse to spend some time abroad. So, when a friend and fellow archaeologist calls from Romania with tales of strange South American coins, she jumps on a plane… and straight into a global conspiracy.

Discovering that the artifacts portray Peruvian deities of creation and death, Natasha is mystified when the tests reveal they’re forged from an unknown metal. But after she learns of her friend’s ties to the local mafia, a spreading epidemic, and an ancient curse, she fears humanity could be battling a genocidal threat.

Will poking into the past launch a catastrophe or save the lives of billions?

The Acquirers archaeological thriller series. If you like conflicted characters, breathtaking adventures, and heart-stopping twists, then you’ll love Desmond G. Palmer’s race against the clock. 

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