Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Magical Meteorite by Tonya Flores - Book Tour & Review

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Children will want to discover how two ordinary puppies become . . . superheroes!

When Zuko and Allie Puff find a mysterious meteorite in the park, they can’t wait to investigate. It turns out a surprise is waiting that will change their lives forever. Are they ready to become super puppies?

Kids can follow Zuko and Allie Puff in this first book of the origin trilogy and find out! 

The adventure begins here and will continue for the remaining fourteen books in the series. Children will want to read each book to experience the next exciting adventure with these super puppies.

Best of all, as Zuko and Allie Puff gain superpowers and practice using them . . . kids can imagine doing the same with their own talents and abilities!

Parents, teachers, and counselors will appreciate that the books in the series can be used to teach life skills, support social-emotional well-being, and present opportunities for family strengthening.

This book enables children to begin an empowering journey of discovery along with Zuko and Allie Puff!


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My Review
The Magical Meteorite is a super cute children's picture book about two dogs, Allie Puff and Zuko, who are playing in the park one day. But when a meteorite strikes nearby and lands in the park, the pups go to investigate it. When they do, they end up receiving superpowers. It was a magical meteorite, and now Allie Puff and Zuko can talk, among other things. Both pups are excited about their new abilities, and their adventures with their powers continues on throughout this fun series that will delight young readers.
The illustrations are lovely and bring the story to life, and the overall story is easy to read. Kids will want to collect all the books so they can go on all the exciting adventures with Allie Puff and Zuko. This is a great start to an adorable children's book series, and I would highly recommend it.
5 stars!

Meet Tonya

After working in adult education for over 20 years, author Tonya Flores is delighted to now have time to pursue her dream of supporting social-emotional learning and life skills education through children’s picture books. Tonya’s core philosophy is based on Aristotle’s virtues, which encourage individuals to strive to be the best version of themselves. Aristotle wanted people to embrace virtues such as bravery, truthfulness, confidence, wit, ambition, friendship, patience, and generosity. These secular virtues can act as a guide for building a life that’s full of happiness, fulfillment, and social responsibility. Tonya has been happily married for over 30 years and has two grown children she loves very much.

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