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5000 Blankets by Amin Matalqa - Movie Review

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Movie Name
5000 Blankets


Release Date
Only in theaters December 12th and 13th

Inspired by a remarkable true story, 5000 BLANKETS is filled with hope and highlights the power of family and faith. When her husband has a mental breakdown and goes missing, a woman and her young son set out to find him on the streets, sparking a movement of compassion towards those in need and inspiring a city. Moms, this is a movie you won’t want to miss! Take your family to see this film, and be inspired to serve your community like this real-life mother/son did! You won't want to miss this heartwarming story coming to theaters December 12 and 13. Get your tickets today!

Fun Facts It's incredible what can happen when you transform your heart to serve the people around you.
Phillip’s Wish is an organization that was founded by a little boy who saw a need in the world and decided to do something about it. "Mommy,” he said. “Are you warm?” “Yes, baby, I'm warm.” “Is Daddy warm?” he asked. And then the 7-year-old son asked about everyone else – the people on the street and in the shelters. His mom told him the truth: “No, not everyone is warm.”

My Review
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5000 Blankets is an inspirational movie based on actual events. It's a heartwarming story about the power of family and the power of change. 
The movie starts out with a normal family doing normal family things. But soon, things start to take a turn for the worse. Bobby Saunders, the patriarch of the family is struggling. He's in the throes of a mental breakdown, but instead of seeking help or relying on his family during this tough time, he runs away, disappearing into the city. Cyndi and Phillip don't seem to know what to do, and now their life is changing too. They have to give up their home and move back in with Cyndi's mom. Cyndi has to take a job in retail. And all the while, no one seems to care enough to help them find Bobby. The police can't do anything because he left of his own volition, and Cyndi isn't sure who else to turn to.
One evening, a body is found and Cyndi is called in to identify it, as the police believe it's her husband. But the deceased man is not her husband, although he was wearing her husband's coat. It's this moment that gives Cyndi a spark of hope and triggers the journey Cyndi (and Phillip) take to try and find Bobby and bring him home, all the while learning that even the smallest gesture of kindness can go a long way.
I really loved this movie. So much. Anna Camp is wonderful as Cyndi, and the rest of the cast really brings the story to life. It's an inspiring, heartwarming, and at times emotional film that will stick with you long after it's over. It's a story that touches on mental illness as well as homelessness. So many people are struggling even now, in this day and age, and it's almost shameful how society lets so many people slip through the cracks. And while there are so many wonderful, kindhearted people out there like Cyndi and Phillip, they can only do so much. Society should be helping our war vets, our widows, our fellow men and women who are struggling with mental illness. Instead, society would prefer to turn a blind eye. Brush these souls under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind. And that, to me, is just sad. 
Cyndi and Phillip are inspiring. They go above and beyond, not only to try and find Bobby, but to help the many who are homeless and cold and just need someone to care. Even the simplest gesture, like giving someone a blanket, can mean a lot. And with the help of the church (and others around the city), these two are able to start a movement and prove that everyone can make a change in someone else's life, if only they're willing to put in the time and effort. 
This movie will make you smile. It will make you cry. And it will (hopefully) inspire you to go out there and make a difference in someone else's life, even if it's something as simple as handing them a blanket. 
Please, if you get the chance to see this movie in theaters, do so. You won't regret it. 

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