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North Star Rising by Darielle Mac - Book Tour

Teen and Young Adult Fantasy

Date Published: August 10, 2022

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.

Amber Emrys is coming of age. She lives on the mystical isle of T’ir Na Nor in the North Sea.   Preparations for her Nest Naming Celebration are in the works. Pavarotti, a Puffin who has been  “Guardian of the air” on the island for centuries, has watched over Amber as she’s grown from chick to fledgling.

On her adventures, Amber braves trolls, befriends fantastical beasts, beguiles hooligans, outwits  malevolent creatures of the earth and sea, and discovers buried secrets about herself and her Ma’s family.

This is a tale filled with fun, whimsy, twists, tears, magic, music, and heart for YA readers and friends and family of all ages.


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The Nest Keeper






I burst through the clouds. Fun. Grand. Delicious. I love this free-fall feeling. Glorious. I’m the luckiest of beings. Truly, I feel sorry for those who can’t do what I do. I fly. I swim. I hunt. 

Gumph, that was a delicious sardine. Pardon me. Where was I? 

Ahem. I eat mostly fish. I do have a tooth or two for seeds and nuts as well, but plump sardines, one juicy bite, is a favorite delicacy.” 

Sea spray stings my eyes. I shake off, gliding above the jade-shimmering surface of the sea. There! What is that gangly long-legged auburn-crested female chick doing? She’s closing in on our nesting place. Sound the alarms! Danger! Danger alert! 

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About the Author

Darielle Mac has collaborated with numerous notable figures in the industry and has written largely for theater and movies.

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