The Second Last Communiqué

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A barista, an ex-nazi SS scientist, and a heroin addict form the strangest of relationships in incomprehensible realms and events. 

James, the owner of a coffee establishment in the centre of the city of Melbourne, befriends a man unbeknownst to him who was and still is a murdering degenerate. James enlists the help of his lover Lucy, a down-and-out junkie, and to their bewilderment, the couple discovers they are exceptional human beings. And can receive mathematical and engineering miracle theories from whom or what they have no idea. 

Diving into uncharted waters of enlightenment, Lucy and James will eventually stand on the precipice of calamity as their lives come under the control of a sadistic madman who has unintentionally stumbled upon the elixir of eternal life.

“Thank you, Leslie,” she replied, holding up her glass of champagne in appreciation.

 As the evening progressed in the heady delights of the food and wine, they both fondly reminisced about their illegal exploits. And also the many hours of friendship that developed into great respect and love for each other. 

 He gently took her hand in his, and the English gentleman gazed into her eyes and asked softly, “What do you think?… Shall we?”

“I think so. Let’s do it,”  Gwendolyn giggled, now a little inebriated. 

Leslie got up from the table, went over to the doors, and locked them. Then returning to the table and standing in front of her, he started to remove his clothes. 

Gwendolyn followed his lead and eagerly stood up, causing her chair to fall backwards onto the floor, where she began to disrobe.  Naked from the waist up, Leslie removed one of the two colonoscopy bags he had attached to his body and handed it to her. Being the same as her, he had suffered bowel cancer some years earlier, which added to their shared experiences in the ups and downs of life. She completed the same procedure and asked, “Is it the good stuff?”          

“Of course, Natasha, I’m a little hurt you had to ask.”  She then reattached Leslie’s bag, which contained the pure heroin; simultaneously, he did the same, only now, this returned colonoscopy bag was empty. 

 Author Bio 

Darrell was born in the UK and now lives in Australia, married with two children and four grandchildren. He resides in a small hamlet on the Southeast coast of the Mornington Peninsula. 

Darrell was employed at the Herald and Weekly Times, a major Australian newspaper, for numerous years. Also, having been an artist during this time, he allowed his imagination to expand by proceeding to bizarre narratives, leading to many exhibitions over the years. When covid hit, he decided to take another direction using his unique ideas. So Darrell chose to take up writing for no reason other than he’d never done it before. And to his astonishment, like a tap being turned on, the narratives just poured out and still are. 

During this period, Darrell has had one published novel: The Third Last Communique, and has also illustrated several children’s books.