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The Third Last Communiqué by D.J. Hall - Book Tour

The Third Last Communiqué

Book Blurb

Three people with unique gifts from totally different backgrounds will come together in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Through tragedy and euphoria, these three individuals will discover mind-bending knowledge that could change the world as we know it forever.

James, an Australian family man, becomes increasingly disturbed by nightly visits from an unknown entity. Haloke, a female native American astronaut, unwittingly gets caught up in the most bizarre of hoaxes after discovering a Coca-Cola can on the surface of Mars. And Nadeeka, a little girl living in a small fishing village in Sri Lanka, suffers horrendous injuries after stepping on a landmine while playing on a banana plantation.

Found guilty of murdering his psychiatrist, James is committed to a psychiatric prison ward for life. Submerging into mental chaos when he discovers he has and will live again in another time and place. Befriending an Aboriginal corrections officer while serving out his sentence, they both uncover together what James's mission in life is to be, from an unfathomable visitor who finally reveals who and what he is.

After returning to Earth from the international mission to Mars, Haloke's life becomes intolerable, as the press and the U. S. Government hound and scrutinise her relentlessly over her suspected involvement in the embarrassing episode that had occurred on the red planet. Succumbing to alcoholism, she seeks refuge with her grandfather on a Navajo Indian reservation. While living there, she experiences inexplicable trances, causing her to write down complex mathematical theorems on bits of scrap paper that are so advanced, making everything that had come before redundant.

Recovering in hospital from the loss of both her legs, Nadeeka mysteriously develops tremendous skills in painting, compared to such geniuses as Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Vermeer. Her photorealism art of the Brazilian Rainforest vegetation is so accurate. It beggars belief that she has never seen any images or never visited the world-famous rain forest. This phenomenon astounds everyone, especially a renowned botanist who attends her first art exhibition. Noting she had illustrated rare trees and plants to the finest of details and unbeknownst to the botanist, Nadeeka has also painted yet-to-be-discovered flora that will finally cure every known and yet to come human disease.

James is the linchpin to this strange tale of futuristic intrigue. Ultimately he will visit both Haloke and Nadeeka in another dimension in their moments of dire need, comforting them as he finally comes to terms with the unanswered questions of our times. The story ends as it began, only it happens at a different time and in another place.

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James’s eyes began slowly to flicker open as he squinted in the early morning light that was filtering through the tent’s canvas. A wave of guilt suddenly engulfed him as he remembered his disgraceful behaviour from the night before. Then talking to himself, he unzipped his sleeping bag. “I must apologise to her. It was unforgivable. I only hope I can patch things up this morning.” He crawled out of the tent on all fours, stood up, and stretched, yawning. Sniffing the air, he detected an acrid smell. “What the hell is that? It’s putrid! Must be a dead roo.” He then caught sight of a charred mound of something disgusting in the fireplace, which was still smouldering.  Running over in a panic, he cried out, “Please God, don’t let it be Abigail.” But he already knew it could only be her.  He stood over the grotesque sculpture of burnt flesh, lifted his head to the sky, and screamed out in utter anguish, “I killed her! I killed her! Just like my father.”

Way off in the distance, a siren echoed through the silence of the bush, announcing its presence. James had earlier telephoned the local police station on his mobile after his grizzly discovery. Knowing full well, he was the one responsible for the psychiatrist’s demise. James sat motionless in the morning sun and just stared blankly at the eerie remains of Abigail. With painful thoughts swimming around in his head, he looked up as he heard a vehicle pulling into the campsite.

 Author Bio 

Darrell was born in the UK and now lives in Australia, married with two children and four grandchildren. He resides in a small hamlet on the Southeast coast of the Mornington Peninsula. 

Darrell was employed at the Herald and Weekly Times, a major Australian newspaper, for numerous years. Also, having been an artist during this time, he allowed his imagination to expand by proceeding to bizarre narratives, leading to many exhibitions over the years. When covid hit, he decided to take another direction using his unique ideas. So Darrell chose to take up writing for no reason other than he’d never done it before. And to his astonishment, like a tap being turned on, the narratives just poured out and still are. 

During this period, Darrell has had one published novel: The Third Last Communique, and has also illustrated several children’s books.

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