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About The Book:

Title: THE IMMORTAL DETECTIVE (The Immortal Detective Book 1)

Author: D.B. Woodling

Pub. Date: March 21, 2023

Publisher: CamCat Books

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Pages: 336

Find it: Goodreadshttps://books2read.com/THE-IMMORTAL-DETECTIVE 

Sometimes being immortal makes you wish you were dead.

Celeste Crenshaw has survived her parents’ grisly murders, grueling and gender-biased police training, a battle with rogue vampires, and even her own death. While immortality might seem a dream come true, can she accept the strings attached?

Celeste spends the start of her immortal life being mentored by the Elders of the Hollow Earth. They release her once they feel certain Celeste has honed her supernatural powers. But little do they know, Celeste isn’t wholly committed to granting eternal life to those deserving. Upon a return home to her immortal lover, and the Kansas City Detective Squad, she battles mortal foes, not so unlike the demonic undead. And when a fellow detective falls victim to a murderous gang member, Celeste faces a gut-wrenching decision and the possible wrath of the Elders.


“. . . impressive vampiric worldbuilding [with] a fascinating cast.” —Publishers Weekly

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I found Liza McCuskey strung out in an alley between a strip joint and a pawnshop. The report listed her as twenty-two, but she looked every bit of forty-five. The color of her hair reminded me of chili peppers and hung limp against bruised and bony shoulders. Her face wasn’t a ray of sunshine; it forecasted Noah’s flood. I flashed my shield, which convinced the john pressing her against a building to take off. She was hesitant to talk until I showed her a crisp twenty-dollar bill. She reached for it, feigning goodwill the way addicts always do.

“Not so fast, Liza. You tell me what you know about Gunner’s murder and there’s more where that came from.”

Liza shook her head, so hard her entire body shook with it, then she wrenched her head sideways and puked. She hitched her short skirt back down over skeletal hips, losing her balance twice. Her fishnet stockings were ripped here, torn there, and could have snagged a small shark. If she had worn panties when she came into the alley, she didn’t have them on now.

I pointed to her hand. “What happened there?” It looked like a defensive wound to me. “Did that happen recently?” She hid her hand behind her back. “Maybe around the time somebody stabbed Gunner to death?”

“Like I told those other cops, I got nothing to say.”

“I think you were there, Liza. Witnesses saw you with Gunner an hour before a passerby discovered his body. And that knife wound on your hand isn’t just a coincidence.”

“I didn’t kill him.”

“But if you know who did and you don’t come forward, you’re considered an accessory after the fact. Which means prison time, Liza. That’s one hell of a way to get clean.”

She began to tremble, so violently her knees buckled, and I could hear her teeth chatter. “I talk, I’m dead. That motherfucker is crazy.”

“Then tell me off the record.”

Her dull eyes brightened. “I still get the money?”

“That depends on the information. I want a name.”

“I don’t know his name.”

“I don’t believe you, Liza.” I’d made two attempts to make sense of the jumbled thoughts inside her head. Reading her mind was a lot like wading through the waste in Chernobyl.


About D.B. Woodling:

Once the allure of impersonating celebrities began to wane, D. B. Woodling left the stage and turned her attention to writing. Credited with two historical fiction novels—Shannon’s Revenge: Broken Promises, recognized for its literary merit, and Retribution: A Lover’s Tale—she then switched genres and wrote The Detective Mike Malone series.

Needing a home for an ominous opening line, The Immortal Twin, a paranormal novel, soon began to take shape. Three-winged dragons, undead historical mentors, and police investigations abound in The Immortal Detective, the second installment in Celeste’s journey, with plenty of chilling twists and turns.

When she’s not creating harrowing fight scenes, steamy encounters, or complex police investigations, Woodling calms her soul with scenic walks, often in the company of a clowder of cats or a know-it-all golden retriever.


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