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The Last Good Summer by J.J. Green - Book Tour

 The Last Good Summer

In the summer of 1986, Belle McGee is thirteen. The arrival of Fionn Power at her family home sets in motion a tragic chain of events.

Now a forty-something investigative journalist living in Dublin, Belle returns home one night to find Fionn standing in the hallway before inexplicably vanishing. Unsettled, Belle immediately phones her sister, who tells her that Fionn was found dead that very morning.

In her journey to find answers, Belle exposes corruption and scandal and is forced to stop running from the shameful truth of 1986.

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 Belle and Fionn’s cousin Dermott travel to one of the dumpsites that was mentioned in the evidence Fionn had been gathering before his death about the illegal dumping:

 The wind picked up, whistling softly against the wing mirror, and a ray of glorious sun finally broke through the veil of cloud. Soon, they came to an elevated plateau. The remote bog stretched as far as the eye could see, planted with managed forests of Lodgepole Pine and Sitka Spruce and scarred with overgrown turf banks. Distant blue-grey peaks floated on the horizon.

‘This place’s freaking me out,’ Dermot said. ‘It’s like we’re on the moon.’

‘Said like a true city boy.’

‘Give me the city any day.’

‘See that turn-off up there, on the right?’ Belle said. ‘I think that’s what we’re looking for.’

A twisting track covered in light grey gravel disappeared into an expanse of forest.

‘Aw, shit, this isn’t even a road,’ Dermot said. ‘We could breakdown or anything here.’

‘Keep quiet; you’re making me nervous.’

Belle concentrated on her driving, following the track for about a mile before she came to the end of the forest. There, in front of them, hollowed out of a sheer incline was a decommissioned quarry the size of half a football field.

Belle brought the car to a stop and got out. Dermot followed. The wall of the quarry was sandy gravel rock, largely overgrown with moss, grass and willow saplings. A nearby stream gurgled and splashed on its flow downhill and a curious sparrow hawk circled overhead, emitting a harsh ‘Kek-kek-kek’ call and coming to rest on the bough of a nearby tree.


Author Bio –

J. J. Green is an Irish writer who hails from Donegal and lives in Derry. She’s had a passion for writing fiction from childhood and has honed her creative writing skills throughout her adult life. As a social and environmental activist, she also writes non-fiction in the form of political essays that mainly focus on economic and environmental injustice. The Last Good Summer is her debut novel.

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