The Unvaccinated by Jean Grandbois

 6th - 17th March

Genre: Dystopia 

Pages: 395



Mo thought he'd planned well for the end of civilization. What he hadn't planned on was having his dying neighbor's little boy thrust into his care:

"Please, I beg you, take him! He's only four, he won't survive on his own. You're the only one I know who isn't vaccinated!"

In the aftermath of Covid-19, the world's population is dying en masse from the very thing that was supposed to protect them: the vaccine. Mo joins forces with a small band of survivors: a retired schoolteacher, some inner-city gang members, a med school dropout, and an IT specialist. They soon realize they are the only refuge for the unvaccinated, and now orphaned, young children.

As individuals, they have only one thing in common: they aren't vaccinated.

As a group, they have only one goal: find, save, and care for all the orphaned children.

They must face untold horrors while breaking into the homes of the dead to rescue abandoned children before it's too late. The stakes are high: they need to ensure their own survival in a post-apocalyptic world, while being vastly outnumbered by the children in their care. Water, food, shelter - they will need to put aside their differences if they are to secure these basic survival necessities. But not everyone is on their side...

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