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~ Please note this isn't a dragon-shifter romance ~

Revenge is a curse that can only destroy.

Princess Annika loves dancing, wearing bright gowns, and enjoying life. When she travels to the neighbouring kingdom of Walhack for the spring festival, she expects to make new friends. What she doesn’t expect is to meet Wlad, the former prince of Walhack now a slave in his own kingdom, starved and beaten by the violent usurper. Her attempt to help the fallen prince ends with her being assaulted and her father damaged for life.

Revenge is the only thing that keeps Wlad alive after the invaders occupied his kingdom, killed his parents, and turned him into a slave. Annika is the first ray of sunlight in years of pain and humiliation. Her kindness and compassion awaken the most dangerous feeling of all in his heart—hope.

Desperate to take his kingdom back, he makes a pact with the Sister Witches. He’ll be cursed forever in exchange for the supernatural powers that will allow him to defeat his enemy.

Eight years later

Annika doesn’t dance anymore. Doesn’t wear bright gowns anymore. As she struggles with her trauma, she has to meet King Wlad the Dracul—the Dragon King of Walhack—who slaughtered his way back to the throne. Everyone says he’s cursed, turned into an immortal creature who seeks blood to survive. But she hopes he’s still the kind young man she met years ago.

~This is a standalone, steamy paranormal/historical romance with a happily ever after. Trigger warning for explicit sex scenes, assault (off page), violence (off page), and trauma. There’s a time jump after the first few chapters. Cinnamon roll hero.~

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She adjusted the bodice of her gown with her free hand. “I wasn’t going to fall. The parapet is ten times wider than the balance beam I practise on.” Dancing and practising with her crossbow were her only rays of sunlight in the dullness of a life of constrictions and sacrifices. Even her meals and sleeping hours were strictly regulated by her tutors. That was enough to push a princess to abdicate her royal position.

Her father released her wrist reluctantly. “Please, stop behaving like a wild monkey.” His voice shook with his concern. “And don’t do anything dangerous. Not in this place. You really scared me, darling.”

Having fun was her plan. Not to cause her papa harm. Since Mama died, he never ceased to worry about her. Annika folded her hands in front of her and lowered her gaze. She was about to apologise when he patted her cheek.

“I’m sorry for my harsh tone, but really, this trip isn’t a holiday.” He released a breath that caused his shoulders to slump. The fine, fur-trimmed burgundy velvet robe seemed to sag under the weight of his fatigue. “This visit… I shouldn’t have brought you with me. It was a mistake.” He paced, dragging a hand over his face. The wrinkles around his eyes deepened. “Perhaps you should go home. Tonight. Right now. Don’t wait for a maid to pack your gowns. Take only the essential things and leave with our carriage.” The words rushed out of him in a torrent difficult to follow.

“Papa.” She followed him in his wanderings around the room. “I don’t want to leave.”

She had no intention of travelling for hours at night in the rocking and cold carriage, and being sent home to take manners lessons when King Hosman was organising the most luxurious spring festival she had ever been part of. For once, she wanted to eat full slices of cake and roasted pork, dance until dawn, meet people of her age, and laugh. But her protest died a merciless death in front of her father’s pallor.

“What is it? Why are you so worried?” she asked.

He skidded to a stop next to the four-poster bed. “Did you bring your crossbow with you?”

“Now you’re jesting.” She scowled. “You told me that you didn’t want to see me train with ‘that abominable thing’ any longer. And why would I bring it to a festival anyway?”

“Since when do you do as you’re told?” He returned the scowl, but his voice sounded steadier than before.

Loud voices and raucous laughs boomed from the corridor. A woman’s loud voice caused them to jolt. Then more masculine laughs and pounding footsteps.

Eyes widening, he took her shoulders. The solemnity in his face sobered her. “I don’t trust King Hosman, much less Lord Draga,” he whispered. “I saw how they treat their servants and how brutal they are with women of any rank. I had no idea the situation here was so tense.”

“We’re guests of the king.” Annika held his cold hand, trying to reassure him. “King Hosman isn’t going to be rude to us or treat us poorly.”

“He can afford to be more than rude to us. His soldiers outnumber ours by twenty to one.” He let out a bitter chuckle. “Who am I fooling? I don’t even have a proper army. Annika, King Hosman can squash us under his thumb without effort, as he did with King Radu,” he said the last words in a tone so low that she had to inch closer to hear him.


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Love stories have always captured my imagination. What’s better than two people falling in love with each other? I write steamy romance, usually with a paranormal twist in an historical setting. Add a touch of suspense and mystery and a pinch of darkness. I love stories with strong, sexy heroes and mischievous heroines who pull no punches.  

I live in the City of Sails, New Zealand, drinking tea (coffee gives me anxiety) and devouring books. 

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