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For My Sins by S.C. Cunningham - Book Tour


For My Sins 

An addictive mix of 'Lock Stock', 'RocknRolla', 'Killing Eve', and 'Line of Duty'.  


Knowing his days are numbered, a seasoned criminal finds his life calling, to expose and cull the sordid underbelly of the world's elite. Delicious, charming, cunning, avenging, David Howard escapes prison and agrees to an MI6 deal, to close down a high-profile trafficking ring in exchange for his freedom - setting a thief to catch a thief. 
With a target on his back, he's helped by a rogue police unit, working behind the scenes to right cases that fall through the courts' fingers. In an unlikely coupling, they share a goal... and will risk everything to attain it. 
A page-turning, cheeky, thought-provoking, at times laugh-out-loud, contemporary psycho-thriller, that comes with a warning. 
Adult language, sex, violence, triggers. 

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FOR MY SINS by S C Cunningham

The story of David thus far…

David Howard entered this world a beautiful, smiley, cheeky boy, the light of his mother’s eye. His parents, wealthy socialites, sent David and his jealous sister to boarding school; children were deemed to be seen and not heard.

Whilst at Heddington Hall school for boys, David’s cherubic good looks attracted attention. He was abused from the age of seven years by his headmaster, school priest, teachers, and sixth formers. Their unchallenged power, coupled with his fear and shame, kept the secret for a decade.

When David’s mother died in a car crash, and he was rejected by his childhood sweetheart, his world finally collapsed. Abandoned and alone, he formed a scarab shell and turned to the devil for help. God certainly wasn’t helping him, but the devil might.

Child David asked to be able to survive the abuse until he was big enough, old enough, and strong enough. Then adult David could take over, find those responsible and kill them, preferably by dissection; he spent a lot of time in the science lab.

It worked, he was good at it, he became a cunning, charming, stylish, bi-sexual-tour-de-force, that everyone wanted a piece of, a killer with a list. Until he was caught and placed in prison.

After a daring escape, he created a story that he’d died in a fire. With his substantial inheritance, and the police no longer looking for him, he set about winning back his childhood sweetheart.

But all did not go to plan.

And so, we begin book III of The David Trilogy, ‘For My Sins’ by SCCunningham


Having worked in the worlds of sport, music, celebrity management, and law enforcement (CID Crime Investigator, Major Crime Team Intel Analyst, Wanted & Absconder Unit), Cunningham creates psychological thrillers with a skilled mix of fuelled tension, dark humor, and pulsating passion, offering a fresh level of sincerity and authority, rare in fiction. 
The Penance List 
Unfinished Business 
For My Sins 


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