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The Consequence of Choice by Natalie Sammons - Book Tour

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 The Consequence of Choice by Natalie Sammons
24th April - 2nd May
Genre: Women’s Fiction 
Publisher: Bloodhound Books 
Format: ePub

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The Consequence of Choice

In a world where motherhood can be a crime, a woman risks everything to defy those in power…

Ten years after the world took drastic action to rein in overpopulation, Elspeth suspects she is pregnant—illegally—after a brief, alcohol-fuelled fling with Nick. Even procuring a test to confirm it would be risky.

As Elspeth tries desperately to keep her condition hidden from the authorities, a female detective becomes convinced that something illicit is going on—and tries to resuscitate her own troubled career by pursuing this lawbreaker. But behind the scenes, two people are determined to come to Elspeth’s aid. One is someone close who has a secret. The other is someone she would never have expected. Now, as danger closes in, how far will they go to do whatever they can to keep Elspeth—and her unborn baby—safe?  

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Eyes wide in shock, Elspeth stood motionless. She blinked slowly, trying to absorb what it meant. Silently she was still praying that it would change.

It didn’t.

A cold fear gripped her. Her stomach lurched.

‘Shit,’ she growled.

Raking her fingers through her hair, she caught sight of herself in the oval mirror above the sink. Hands resting on the sink’s edge, she leaned forward, the tip of her nose brushed against it. She scrutinised her appearance.

Her once-hazel eyes appeared dull, her skin, previously fresh, now tired. She knew she looked different, she just hoped that no one else had noticed.

Peering down, it was still there. Unchanged.

She slammed her hands on the sink. ‘Fuck!’

‘You all right in there, Ellie?’ Artie called from the other side of the door.

Her head whipped towards him. ‘Yeah, I’m fine,’ she croaked, desperately trying to remain calm against the hysteria bubbling inside her.

‘Okay. I’m gonna put the kettle on, do you want a cuppa?’

‘No,’ she snapped, before adding more softly, ‘thank you.’ The words were thick and heavy on her tongue.

She listened as his slippered feet padded away from the door and down the stairs.

What had he heard? She panicked, heart pounding.

Nothing, there had been nothing voiced to betray her.

What would they think, if they found out? No, she didn’t want to entertain those thoughts, wasn’t ready to think beyond now.

She couldn’t have asked for better flatmates really. Elspeth had moved to Brighton from Storrington, twenty miles north-west of the Sussex city, almost a year ago.

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