The Fox by Adam S. Toporek
10th - 18th April
Genre: Historical/Spy Thriller Fiction
Pages: 116
Publisher: El Arte Es Amor Productions
Format: eBook

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August, 1933. Seven months after Hitler’s ascension to Chancellor, Germany is almost completely Nazified. Friedrich Foxx, the most famous radio personality in the country, has been a part of this transformation—a brash voice for German rebirth.

As the country he loves descends rapidly into a fascist dictatorship, Friedrich is brought face-to-face with the legacy of his words and is forced to make a decision—continue to support the madness or fight it.

In clarion call for our times, author Adam S. Toporek revives the ghosts of the media’s past to lay bare the small compromises that fuel the creep of tyranny and to show the tragic ends to which propaganda and misinformation can lead.

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The National Socialists had been taking control of public life.

The process of “consolidation” had extended to every part of German society, no matter how small. From local governments to civic organizations, from universities to the press, all organizations were brought to heel—party loyalists installed, independent thinkers ejected, priorities reset. Eugen Hadamovsky was the head of the Chamber of Radio, a department of The Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. He had one job, which he had been executing with the zeal of a man inflated with title and purpose. He had been tasked by Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels—one of the most widely known and increasingly more powerful Nazi leaders—with bringing all radio broadcast stations under the Propaganda Ministry’s control. Friedrich knew that all the other stations in Germany had received a visit from Hadamovsky or his staff. However, because of his relationship with Goebbels, Friedrich had assumed that he would be able to remain autonomous. He hoped Eugen was just coming to update him, possibly to give him some soft-handed guidance. They would not dare try to consolidate the Fox’s station. Eva peeked her head into Friedrich’s office. “Herr Hadamovsky.” Friedrich nodded and stood. The office door opened, and Hadamovsky came into full view. When Friedrich saw him, he instinctively took the new coin off his desk and pocketed it. Eugen was not wearing his customary suit but a brown National Socialist uniform, a clear message. That weasel. Friedrich extended his hand towards Eugen, putting on his best Fox smile. “Eugen, you old dog. How are you?” “Excellent. Our consolidation is almost complete, and that is exactly what I have come to discuss.”