Howling with the Huskies

by Linda Chamberlain


GENRE: Children's/Wellness



What can three Alaskan husky sled dogs teach Galena and her younger brother, Kimmo, about working with difficult emotions, coping skills for stress, and feeling good? This illustrated children's book blends storytelling, the northern sport of dog mushing, and skill-building activities to empower children with simple tools for self-calming and well-being. Learn about Kimmo's secret howl and other techniques that can be used anywhere, anytime—at school, on the go, and at home.




My Review Howling with the Huskies is an adorable children's book that not only has talking dogs, but also good coping skills for big emotions. The book features Kimmo and Galena, a brother and sister who have three sled dogs. When they see/hear the huskies howling one day, they decide to ask why. The huskies explain how they use howling, holding their paws (finger holds), and shaking to help them with their emotions, whether they're happy, sad, angry, or even nervous. Kimmo and Galena want to try these fun methods for themselves and discover a whole new way to help themselves feel better. This story is easy to read, has wonderful illustrations that really bring Alaska to life, and is a book that teaches kids it's okay to have big emotions, but there are fun ways to deal with them. What kid doesn't want to howl like a husky? Highly recommend to all parents, caregivers, teachers, etc. Definitely a great book to have on hand. 5 stars!


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH is a scientist, author, former dog musher, and leading expert on the effects of stress on the body and brain. From Finland to Costa Rica, she has worked around the world to share simple tools to build stress resilience, regulate emotions, and promote well-being. Linda is a trainer with Capacitar International, a global network for healing and empowerment. Certified in a wide range of mind-body practices, she teaches breath work, mindful movement, meditation, and therapeutic yoga to healthcare systems, educators, counselors, therapists, college students, the armed forces, parenting programs, and other organizations. She lives with her husband, Al, on a rural homestead outside of Homer, Alaska.





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