I Know You

May 3-7 

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Russel Govan

June 1, 2023

Guernica World Editions

250 pages

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Amazon: https://bit.ly/40xcSQr

Book Summary: 

Eilidh, bright, headstrong and feisty, gets sparkling exam results that
confirm her university place. Her boyfriend reveals he has deceived her.
In the ensuing argument she is knocked unconscious. She arrives in 1984,
in an Ethiopian refugee camp, where she nurses a dying child, then a
wounded aid worker before wakening back home in present-day Scotland.
Three days later, at an isolated beauty spot trying to come to terms with
her ex boyfriend’s betrayal and her experience in Ethiopia, she encounters
Walter, who is in the early stages of dementia. He is there because of a
tattoo on his wrist that simply states the date and location of the beauty
spot. Eilidh recognizes Walter’s symptoms, takes him home and contacts his
niece to come and collect him.

Over the following 48-hour period Eilidh finds herself transported to
various locations in Europe and North America, and time periods from the
previous fifty years. Each episode draws her further into an unexpected
and unconventional romance. Eventually she travels to WW2 blitzed
Liverpool and meets a fellow time-traveler who explains that Eilidh faces
a decision with life and death consequences.

Author Bio: 

Russell Govan is a Scottish, Oxford-based author who started writing in
2015. His first novel was published in 2020. A second novel in the same
genre is scheduled for late 2021. An extract from I Know You was
shortlisted for the 2019 Grindstone International Short Story Prize.

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