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Terry, ten years old, is being bullied at school due to his weight. He particularly hates going to school on Fridays because this is P.E. day.

One Friday, feeling glum as ever at the prospect of going to school, Terry reaches into the fridge for his packed lunch box, and is suddenly pulled into the fridge, thrusted into a magical world where an adventure awaits him. In this strange land that he finds himself in, Terry rides a giant worm, takes the best and worst taxi ride ever, meets a queen and the Tippytappies as well as walking behind the stinking Gobulator all the way to Hope city.

After meeting many more different characters on his journey, Terry has learnt a lot about courage and is ready to stand up to the school bully, with a little help from Theodore the dragon and his four baby dragons.

An inspirational children’s story of hope and bravery!

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 Author Bio  I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1960 to a single parent family. I am the youngest of five sidling’s 4 boys and a girl. I was brought up on a council estate and my family had very little, just like many other family’s on the estate at the time.

I attended two schools as I grew up Bentley Lane infants/junior School and then onto Stainbeck High School. For me school was always hard, mainly because of my absenteeism. I wasn’t ill, it was just my mum didn’t send me (empty nest syndrome). Looking back at my school years there is a good chance I spent more times at home, than I did in school.

I officially left school in 1976 and my first full time job was making special mirror, the ones you see in pubs. I didn’t last long there before I got bored. I had a number of other jobs after that, which I didn’t stay long in any of them. One job I stayed a full day before not going back, but my record for the shortest stay was 4 hours, I walked away from this job after the hourly rate was cut from 90p    an hour, down to 70p an hour.

The following year I was forced to take a job, back at Stainbeck High School repairing school desks. While here I met my wife, Beverley.  We are still together and have two wonderful grown-up children and three grandchildren.

I worked for Leeds City Council, in the Housing section for 22 years, before retirement. Since retiring I have the time to carry out one of my first loves, writing stories.   

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