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Dark Fiction by Jon Richter - Book Tour & Review

Book Blurb

Jon Richter returns to horror with a new collection of short, chilling tales, splicing together his best previously published works with a batch of nerve-shredding new fiction. Encompassing science fiction and fantasy as well as gothic horror and outright weirdness, the anthology is brought twitching and wriggling to life by the brilliant illustrations of David T Wilby.

Dark Fiction will slake the thirst of anyone who craves original, fiendishly crafted stories with twist endings that cling to you long after you've finished reading...

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My Review
As someone who absolutely loves short horror story collections, and as someone who is a fan of Jon Richter's work (of the books I've read so far), I was thrilled to have Dark Fiction come across my radar. And while some of the stories are ones I've already read (in Disturbing Works Vol. 2), I enjoyed being able to read them again. Some of my favorites from that collection are featured within, including Endurance and Urbex. 
And while not every story was my cup of tea, I still enjoyed all of them for what they offered and brought to this collection. Case in point: The Thinker was a story I wasn't too keen on, but the ending was amusing and reminded me of an old Sega game I once played. And because I liked the ending so much, I enjoyed the story, even though it wasn't a favorite. 
And speaking of favorites, I think mine ended up being Exhibition. It was pure insanity, but it also came across as something I could see some crazy person doing in the name of saving the environment. Because I'm sure there are people out there who are like SewerRat. Yikes!
I also enjoyed Skin. It was short and sweet (not actually sweet, but you know what I mean), and while I knew how that one was going to play out, it made me snicker at the end.
There's definitely a story or two in here for everyone, so if you're a fan of horror stories, you'll want to give Dark Fiction a go. You won't be disappointed.
4.5 stars!

 Author Bio 

Jon Richter writes dark fiction, and is the author of four crime thrillers (Chains, Rabbit Hole, Never Rest and Deadly Burial) as well as three collections of short horror fiction (Jon Richter's Disturbing Works: Volumes One and Two, and his latest release DARK FICTION), cyberpunk thriller Auxiliary, and psychological techno-thriller The Warden.

Jon lives in London and loves immersing himself in all things dark and sinister, whether they're books, films, video games or even board games – any way to tell a great story!

If you want to chat to him about this, or about anything at all, you can find him on Twitter @RichterWrites or Instagram @jonrichterwrites; he’d also love it if you would check out his website at

Jon also co-hosts two podcasts: the dark fiction podcast, Dark Natter, and the cyberpunk podcast, Hosts In The Shell, which you can find wherever you get your podcast fix. 

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