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The Adversary Chronicles by Randy C. Dockens - Book Tour


See the excitement behind the scenes of how Lucifer became the Adversary and the part he has played in the affairs of man since the creation of Adam and Eve, including the creation of the Nephilim causing the implementation of the worldwide flood, his influence on the construction of the Tower of Babel, his involvement in the curse of king Jehoiachin, and even how he interferes in modern times in our day-to-day activities...

Title: The Adversary Chronicles
Author: Randy C. Dockens
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
Genre: Christian / Scifi

He has many names: Lucifer, Satan, Devil, Adversary. Through the eyes of Mikael, the Captain of the Lord’s hosts, understand the conflict that starts in Heaven and how it extends to Earth. Get a different perspective on earthly events that will help you rediscover the awe of age-old Bible stories and give you a new perspective for you to ponder.

Read how Lucifer prepares for his rise to power on Earth through his deceit causing the fall of Adam and Eve, his engineering the Nephilim which God ended with the worldwide flood, how he attempted to use the Tower of Babel to prepare a superhuman off world using a time dilation field to speed up his work for world dominance, how he utilizes a curse the prophet Jeremiah gives to king Jehoiachin to try and change mankind’s history by preventing the prophecy of the coming Messiah, to how he attempts to hijack new technology today to create a plague that will target those of Jewish descent and thereby change biblical prophecy and attempt to turn it into a mere fairytale.

Title of Series: The Adversary Chronicles

Book 1: Rebellion in the Stones of Fire

Book 2: The Holy Grail of Babylon

Book 3: The Defining Curse   

Book 4: The Luciferian Plague 

Publication Date:

Rebellion in the Stones of Fire: 01-Feb-2022    

The Holy Grail of Babylon: 06-Jul-2022     

The Defining Curse: 04-Oct-2022    

The Luciferian Plague: 01-Feb-2003

# of Pages: 

Rebellion in the Stones of Fire: 320   

The Holy Grail of Babylon: 300   

The Defining Curse: 300    

The Luciferian Plague: 368


Rebellion in the Stones of Fire: Rebellion in the Stones of Fire (The Adversary Chronicles, 1): Dockens, Randy C: 9781952025662: Books

The Holy Grail of Babylon: The Holy Grail of Babylon (The Adversary Chronicles, 2): Dockens, Randy C: 9781952025679: Books

The Defining Curse: The Defining Curse (The Adversary Chronicles, 3): Dockens, Randy C: 9781952025686: Books

The Luciferian Plague: The Luciferian Plague (The Adversary Chronicles, 4): Dockens, Randy C: 9781954437739: Books

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Book Excerpt  

Rebellion in the Stones of Fire: Chapter 1: Disturbance in the Force

Mikael approached two of his fellow warriors who were engaged in animated conversation. His left hand rested on the bejeweled hilt of his sword to keep the weapon from impeding his quick gait. He nodded to both as he came to an abrupt halt. Both stopped their conversation in mid-sentence and looked at Mikael expectantly.

“Raphael, have you or Uriel seen Ruach today?”

Raphael gave a wry smile as he brushed his golden[1]colored hair over his shoulder. His blue eyes twinkled with amusement. “Seen? Is that a trick question?”

Uriel chuckled but then stopped when he saw Mikael’s extremely serious expression. Mikael didn’t crack a smile.

“Mikael,” Raphael said. “What’s wrong?”

Mikael shook his head slightly. “I’m not sure.” He too brushed his long blond hair, which was somewhat darker than Raphael’s, over his shoulder. “Last time I saw him, he looked . . . different.”

Raphael and Uriel looked at each other. Both gave a slight shrug.

Raphael turned back to Mikael. “I’m not trying to be anything but serious. But how can you say he looks different? We can barely see him as it is. He’s Ruach HaKodesh, Elohim’s Spirit. He has a form, but he is transparent for the most part.”

Mikael sighed. They were taking him too literally. “Yes, Raphael. But he produces a feeling, a presence, an aura . . . that is powerful yet calming.”

Raphael nodded. “Yes, that’s true.”

“His aura, as we sometimes say, felt different . . . troubled. Unlike any time before.”

“Well,” Uriel said, “he does have a great deal of stress to unite both the love and justice of our Creator so they can both exist within him.” He shook his head. “Such stress likely takes its toll on him now and again. That’s a lot of tension to keep harmonious.”

Mikael rubbed his chin. “Maybe. This . . . this felt different, though.”

Uriel shrugged and patted Mikael on his shoulder. “We’ll keep our eyes out for him and let you know if we find out anything or hear anything.”

Mikael nodded to his friends. “Thanks. I’ll let you know what I find as well.”

Mikael walked on, wondering where to look, when he suddenly got the idea to head to the throne room. Ruach.

Ruach HaKodesh often sent telepathic messages to these warriors to let them know the will of their Creator. Going to the throne room sounded serious— definitely not a place to approach lightly. There were only a few select cherubim and seraphim, special angels, who had access to the Creator in his throne room. Mikael wondered: Why does Ruach want me there?

The throne room was not hard to miss. Since the place contained the Shekinah glory of the Creator, his brilliance was so bright the light would penetrate any crevice existing in a structure. In addition, with the throne room composed of various types of colored crystals, the place gave off a magnificent glow that could be seen from extremely far away. Not only was the throne room colorful, the area also sat on the highest place in the middle of the kingdom, a dimension in and unto itself. Mikael looked up and followed the path upward toward the glow—a glow he had always considered comforting knowing his Creator’s presence was always with him. Now he would enter his Creator’s dimension. That, he thought, was not as comforting.

As Mikael neared the throne room, he paused. Am I supposed to enter? There would be grave consequences if he entered uninvited. He looked around. His eyes caught a slight blur of something against the glow of the throne room. He approached.

“Ruach. I received your message. What is wrong?”

Only a vague outline of a Person could be observed. Although transparent, he appeared like heat waves between an observer and an object. “Thank you for coming. I didn’t want to alarm the others. You’re the archangel, the leader of our Creator’s heavenly host.”

Mikael often wondered why he was the leader of an army. Shouldn’t an army have an enemy? They certainly trained as if there was one. But everything here was so perfect. What was the need for such a force? Unless . . . Ruach was about to now tell him.

Mikael took a step closer to Ruach. He lowered his voice. He was unsure why he did, but doing so seemed the appropriate thing to do. “Ruach, tell me what’s going on.”

Ruach shook his head. “Mikael, I can’t yet reveal what is going on. All I can say is, I have felt a change, and it’s not a good change. There is a disturbance brewing. I can’t tell you what it is or who it is, but . . . ” His voice trailed off.

Mikael cocked his head. “But what? You can at least tell me where this disturbance is originating from, can you not?”

Ruach nodded.

“Okay. So, where?”

“That’s why I called you here.” Ruach’s form turned toward the throne room.

Mikael looked from Ruach to the throne room and back, realization slowly dawning. In almost a whisper he said, “What? Here? But . . . why? How?”

Ruach turned back to Mikael. “That is why I need your help.”

Mikael put his hand to his chest. “My help? But you’re the one who can sense all. What do you need with my help?”

Ruach put his hand on Mikael’s shoulder. Mikael could not see his hand, but he could feel it, as well as the warmth now radiating from his shoulder down through his very being. “That’s the point, Mikael. The time of choices is approaching. I need you to question the cherubim to see what they know. If a rebellion is brewing, I don’t want them to think I know.”

Mikael’s eyes widened. “Rebellion? Here? How—” He paused, his mind trying to catch up to such a thought. “How is such a thing even possible?”

Ruach shook his head. “It is a mystery. But a mystery you need to get to the bottom of.”

Mikael nodded slowly, then stopped. His heart sank. “Wait. You said ‘them.’ Why did you make this plural?”

Ruach seemed to look down and then back to Mikael. “It is plural, I’m afraid. The feeling I’ve received has gotten stronger over the last several days.”

Mikael took a step back in shock. “I can’t comprehend even one of us rebelling, much less several. Are you sure?”

Ruach slowly nodded. “Yes. I am certain.”

Mikael glanced back at the throne room. “And you think the rebellion is from one of the cherubim?” He shook his head. “They are the closest to our Creator. They reflect his glory back to him. How could rebellion be in one of them?”

“It is either one of them, or one of them knows something. You must find out what they know.”

“But how do I do that? They are in the throne room almost constantly. They come out only rarely, and for short periods of time.”

Ruach nodded. “Yes, that is true. And that is why you have my permission.”

Mikael cocked his head slightly. “Permission? For what?”

“To enter.”

Mikael’s mouth fell open. “The throne room!?” His voice was one of disbelief. “But won’t they know something is amiss if they see me in the throne room? Only the cherubim and seraphim are allowed.”

“Others are allowed with permission.”

Mikael swallowed hard. As far as he knew, no one— at least as yet—had ever entered the throne room except for select cherubim and seraphim.

“The glow of one has faded,” Ruach said. “Likely almost imperceptible, but perhaps you can notice so you will know where to direct your questioning. Don’t approach directly. Not yet at least. Let’s talk after your visit. Don’t engage. Just observe.”

Ruach stretched out his transparent arm and directed Mikael’s attention toward the entrance of the throne room.

Mikael’s eyebrows raised. “You mean, now?”

“Is there any better time?”

Mikael knew the answer was no, but he wasn’t sure he was ready for this step without further preparation. He started to ask if the Creator was expecting him but caught himself as he realized Ruach HaKodesh was one component of the Creator-Trinity. Ruach giving permission was the same as the Creator giving permission.

Mikael slowly walked toward the entrance of the throne room. Two large angels with broad shoulders and a muscular build stood next to the doorway. Each had blondish-colored hair and blue eyes that highlighted their tanned appearance. Both wore a sky[1]blue robe that contrasted with the golden sash around their waist and the other across their chest that was in place to hold a large, sheathed sword along their back.

“Hello, Azel,” Mikael said.

Azel nodded. “Ruach has already informed me to allow your entrance.”

Mikael nodded. “Thank you.” He paused briefly at the entrance. Would the portal to this dimension open?

He briefly glanced at Azel, who merely smiled.

The entrance seemed to simply fade, revealing a myriad of colors within. Mikael swallowed hard and stepped through the opening and into a dimension few—if any—had ever been invited into.


About the Author

Dr. Randy C. Dockens has a fascination with science and with the Bible, holds Ph.D. degrees in both areas, and is a man not only of faith and science, but also of creativity. He believes that faith and science go hand in hand without being enemies of each other. 

After completing his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Auburn University he went on to graduate school at Auburn and completed his first doctorate degree in Pharmaceutics. He began his scientific career as a pharmacokinetic reviewer for the Food and Drug Administration and later joined a leading pharmaceutical company as a pharmacokineticist, which is a scientist who analyzes how the human body affects drugs after they have been administered (i.e., absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted). 

Through the years, he has worked on potential medicines within several disease areas, including cardiovascular, fibrosis, and immunoscience to see and develop new and novel medicines in these therapy areas. 

He has also had his attention on the academic study of the Bible. He earned a second doctorate in Biblical Prophecy from Louisiana Baptist University after receiving a master’s degree in Jewish Studies from the Internet Bible Institute under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Congdon. 

Randy has recently retired from his pharmaceutical career and is spending even more time on his writing efforts. He has written several books that span dystopian, end-time prophecy, science fiction, and uniquely told Bible stories. All his books, while fun to read, are futuristic, filled with science to give them an authentic feel, have a science fiction feel to them, and allows one to learn some aspect of Biblical truth one may not have thought about before. This is all done in a fast-paced action format that is both entertaining and provides a fun read for his readers. 






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