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Unseen Johnny by James Ruvalcaba - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Children's Book

Date Published: 05-01-2023

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


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Unseen Johnny is a children’s story that can be loved by all. Meet Johnny, a young boy who feels unseen by others. Join him through his trials and ultimate triumph as he struggles to be seen by his classmates.


My Review
Unseen Johnny is a short, easy to read children's book with a good message. It's a story that teaches kids that being kind and helpful is always a good choice. Although, after reading this book, I would definitely open a discussion with young readers about how being kind and helpful is good, but don't let people take advantage or be unappreciative. Maybe that's just me, though, being a jaded adult who spent years being a doormat and a people-pleaser and now refuses to let that happen anymore. 
Johnny is a sweet boy who helps his classmates whenever he can. Whether it's tying another student's shoe, or offering math help, Johnny hopes the other students appreciate how helpful he is. Unfortunately for Johnny, the other students ignore him. No one thanks him. No one acknowledges him. They even toss garbage at him and trample him on the playground in their haste to get back to class. Johnny feels like the only person who can see him is his mom. But still, he continues to be kind. 
For me, personally, I found this to be a bit disheartening. As a kid, having the other kids ignore you or not say thank you is one thing. It happens. Kids can be kind of mean sometimes. But the trash and the "trampling" would have been the last straw. I would have stopped helping and just ignored the other students myself. 
As a parent, I feel like this book should enable you to talk to your young reader about being a good person while refusing to allow other kids to "abuse" your kindness. Set limits. Set boundaries. But don't stoop to their level. Especially because, in the end, you may end up being someone's inspiration after all.
I liked this book, and I think it's an important one for young readers to know that everyone feels unseen sometimes, but it shouldn't keep you from being good/kind/helpful. 
4 stars. 


About the Author

James Ruvalcaba is an Amazon best-selling author and motivational speaker passionate about giving back to the community and inspiring the next generation to reach their full potential. With over a decade of experience in education and social work, James believes in the power of storytelling and sharing experiences to bring about change, create meaningful connections, and give hope, courage, and resilience to those who need them.

In his book Unseen Johnny, James tells a thought-provoking story with colorful illustrations and a profound message about a young boy, Johnny, who always goes above and beyond to do the right thing but often remains invisible and unrecognized by his family and classmates. It is a powerful story that captures the real-life struggles of many children and amplifies the importance of being kind, compassionate, and appreciative of those around us and always doing what is right, no matter the circumstances.

James is a California native, and when he’s not writing, you can find him volunteering for worthy causes in his community or empowering others to discover their paths in life.


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