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Be Careful What You Wish For by Lorraine Murphy - Book Tour & Review

Book Blurb

A mother determined to hide the truth. A sister about to expose it.

 When Tara Ryan gets the results of a DNA test one rainy afternoon, all her dreams come true. She discovers she’s not an only child, she has a long-lost sister, Cassie.

 What she doesn’t know is that Cassie is homeless, strung out, and praying for a break.

 As socially awkward Tara lets street-wise Cassie into her life, shocking secrets come to the surface – a dark web of illegal adoptions, betrayal and death. All rooted in a horrifying children's home scandal which occurred many years before.

 Has Tara's mother been deceiving her for her entire life, or is Tara looking to the wrong person for the truth?

Someone is lying - and they must pay the ultimate price.

Be Careful What You Wish For is a gripping tale of lies and deceit that will astound and enthrall until the very last page.

My Review
Be Careful What You Wish For is a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes. 
The story follows Tara, a single woman who spends her time either working or caring for her elderly mother. She's a bit socially awkward, and she doesn't really have any friends. But that all changes when she decides to take a DNA test and discovers she has a sister, which is something she's always wished for. But like the title says, be careful what you wish for. 
Tara reaches out to Cassie and they meet up. But Cassie isn't what Tara expected. She's a homeless alcoholic who seems to cause a scene wherever she goes. But Tara decides to give her the benefit of the doubt and lets her stay in her home. At first, all seems well. Cassie gets sober and applies herself around the house, cleaning and cooking. But Tara soon starts to suspect Cassie isn't all she's cracked up to be. 
Can Tara uncover the truth behind Cassie and their shared past, or will her wish for a sister be her downfall?
This was a really good book. I found it easy to get sucked into, and I finished it relatively quickly. It's a well-written, fast-paced thriller that will make you wonder just what you might do if a DNA test helped you discover a long-lost family member. How would you react? Would you trust them? It's an interesting idea, and the author did a good job with Tara and Cassie's relationship, and the ultimate secret Mary (elderly mom) was hiding. 
Check out Be Careful What You Wish For if you enjoy thrillers that are quick, easy reads with interesting premises. 
4.5 stars!

 Author Bio  Lorraine Murphy takes everyday situations and twists them into terrifying tales. She is the author of Into the Woods and numerous published, and winning, flash fiction stories.

A software engineer by profession, she’s had many careers including slimming club leader, adult educator, charity co-founder, chairperson, activist and entrepreneur. As a teenager, she adored Stephen King and later found herself on the jury of an infamous murder trial.

When she’s not writing, Lorraine is always into something, whether it be competing in/for her local Toastmasters club or jumping out of a fully functional airplane. She lives in Westmeath, Ireland with her husband Brendan and three taller children.

This is her second psychological thriller with Inkubator Books.


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