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The Pope Lick Massacre by Eric Butler - Book Tour & Review

The Pope Lick Massacre

by Eric Butler

Black Tide Book Tours

September 11 - 14

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My Review
So I want to preface my review by saying that goats and any variation of goat-like creatures scare the absolute bajeebies out of me. Is bajeebies a word? I don't know. But it is now. Anyway... the reason for my fear of goats and goat-like monsters (because, let's face it, goats are pure evil) started when I was a kid, probably about 12, maybe 13 years old, and I read the book Night of the Goat Boy by M.D. Spenser (part of the Shivers book series). That book turned my already overactive imagination up to an 11, and from then on, I was deathly afraid of goats. I also have a fear of sheep. And deer. But that's a story for another day. 
When this book first came across my radar, I wasn't paying much attention to the cover. I read the synopsis and thought, this sounds like it'll be a good book. So I agreed to read it. And then I actually stopped and looked at the cover. And I realized then that I had made a grave error. But I chose to persevere, telling myself that as long as I read it during the daylight hours, I'd be okay. Alas, that did not help, because, again, my overactive imagination kicked into overdrive, and that feeling of sheer terror and dread hit me like a tidal wave. Over and over and over again...
By the end, I was so stressed out, I could barely think about anything else. I'm now probably going to have nightmares for the next... oh, I don't know, 20 years or so. lol
The Pope Lick Massacre is set in a small town in Kentucky (I believe it's set there). A Scoutmaster and his four scouts have gone out into the woods to do scout things, and they're supposed to be back later in the day. But no one has heard from them, and they miss their ETA for returning. Sam, the older sister of one of the scouts, is starting to worry. So she gathers a group of people together, including the sheriff and the father of one of the other scouts, and off they go in search of the missing group. 
Unfortunately for everyone involved, the legends of a beast lurking in woods surrounding Pope Lick are more than just stories. And boy, is he hungry...
This book was brutal. It's bloody. And graphic. And gory. And really, really, really scary. Just the thought of being trapped in a maze of caves, with a monstrous creature known as the Goatman (who can mimic voices and won't hesitate to kill anyone and everyone), is absolutely horrifying. 
There are characters you'll find yourself rooting for (like Sam and the sheriff), and at least one you'll want to see get their 
comeuppance (*cough*Tobias*cough*). And you'll want to  anxiously read on to see what fate has in store for all of them. 
This is a fast-paced, well-written horror novel that will leave you feeling overwhelmed and on edge, and, if you're anything like me, absolutely traumatized. 
The Pope Lick Massacre is a must-read for horror fans who enjoy dark stories that don't hold back, with an ending that will have you thinking about the story days after you finish.
4.5 stars!

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