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Three paramedics are drawn into the mystery of a bizarre spree unfolding on a quiet island town. 

Devastated by the loss of his son, Liam Price, must hold it together whilst leading his team against a killer who finds new and twisted ways to prevent them from saving the lives of their victims. 

But one serious mistake puts them and everyone they love in grave danger.

As the island starts to slip into hysteria, our villain goes to gruesome lengths to keep their identity a secret. 

Able to hide in plain sight, the killer is out for revenge as they close in on their prey. 

Can they escape the wrath of the Boatmore Butcher? 

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My Review
The Boatmore Butcher is a horror novel that isn't for the faint of heart or readers with weak constitutions. It's brutal and gory and doesn't hold back when it comes to characters dying. Including kids. So, with that in mind, I'd advise you read this book at your own risk.
The story is set on the small island of Boatmore, with maybe 3000-ish people or so living there. Everything seems idyllic and lovely, but there's a monster just waiting to make itself known. 
At first, paramedics Liam, Martin, and Ben think nothing of the first victim they come across. Nothing really screams, "Hey, there's a serial killer on the loose!" But that's all about to change. 
When the bodies start piling up, and things start spiraling out of control, it's a race against time for the people of Boatmore, because any one of them could be the next victim of the Boatmore Butcher.
This book is wild. There's a twist that happens not even halfway through. But that's only the beginning. Multiple revelations happen as the book progresses, and with each one, things become more and more insane. And then, finally, the ending. It's kinda sad. I may have teared up a little bit.
I did have a few small issues with the story, but to be fair, that may have just been me. Maybe it's because I was reading the book while battling a sinus infection/sinus headache/lack of sleep thanks to DST ending, but I did find some parts of the book to be a little confusing to keep up with. Some parts felt a little rushed to me, and there were a couple of times I thought things got a touch convoluted. But I did enjoy the deaths/kills. They were pretty vicious, and I appreciated the uniqueness of them all. 
The Boatmore Butcher is definitely a no-holds-barred descent into the pits of Hell. And while I may have had some struggles with it myself, I'm sure other fans of horror novels will enjoy this bloody, twisty novel that will stick with you after you finish the last page. 
3.5 stars from me.

 L’s Bio  L. Stephenson has been telling stories of killers and boogeymen to his friends and writing them on his computer since the summer before he began high school. A university degree in Film & TV Screenwriting, a handful of anthologies and a novella later, and not much has changed, it seems! 

Stephenson's first short story was published as part of a Halloween-themed collection by Dark Ink back in 2018. Nearly five years later, terror just came full circle as the author has returned home to Dark Ink to release his debut slasher novel, The Boatmore Butcher.