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Book Title:  The Dolphin Dentist: No Sharks Allowed by Cheryl DaVeiga 
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  44 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Publisher:  Waterhole Productions LLC
Release date:   November, 2023
Content Rating:  G. This children's book is for everyone.
Book Description:

COMING SOON! A “Fin-tastic” adventure Like No Other!

Fearless Flossy, a mighty great white shark, has a secret—she’s terrified of going to the dentist.  Dr. Dribble, the big-hearted dolphin dentist, has a jaw-dropping fear of his own, and a strict “No Sharks Allowed” policy.  When Fearless Flossy makes an unannounced visit to Dr. Dribble’s office, it’s the start of an underwater adventure like no other!  This ‘fin-tastic’ story is must-read for kids and parents alike. Young readers will be immersed in a tale of courage, compassion, and conquering fear, while giggling and cheering for these unlikely friends along the way.

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My Review
The Dolphin Dentist is a cute, fun children's book about going to the dentist. 
Flossy is a great white shark. She's tough and fearless, except when it comes to going to see the dentist. When Flossy has an issue with her teeth, her mom makes her go. Unfortunately, Dr. Dribble, the dolphin dentist, has a No Sharks Allowed policy. When Flossy and her mom show up, Dr. Dribble scares Flossy and she swims away. But Dr. Dribble's receptionist feels bad for Flossy, and she convinces the doctor to visit Flossy instead. But can Flossy overcome her fear of the dentist?
This is an adorable story that show young readers it's okay to be afraid of the dentist, but that they're there to help make your teeth healthy and clean. Sure, it may be scary at first, but sometimes a dentist's office can be fun. 
I think this story is a great way to teach kids about caring for their teeth and going to the dentist without being afraid. It's a relatable story with delightful illustrations that kids can come back to again and again. Highly recommend!
5 stars!

Meet the Author:
Cheryl DaVeiga is an award-winning children’s book author and singer/songwriter residing in New Jersey. After a career in business, Cheryl’s passion for music caught up with her, and she began writing and recording children’s songs as her alter ego, CADi Grace. She then moved on to adult songs, including an ASCAP award-winning veteran’s anthem, the featured song for the State of Alabama Bicentennial Celebration, the theme song to the philanthropic Where Angels Play Foundation, and a NJ Arts' pick for top NJ summer songs. She’s also written songs for artists on critically acclaimed albums.

You can find her books and animated sing-along song videos on her website for kids and kid-lovers-- 
Biff Bam Booza books have received numerous awards and acclaim, including Mom’s Choice Gold, Purple Dragonfly, Eric Hoffer, and Literary Titan book awards, a Readers’ Favorite 5-star rating, and a Kirkus Review Magazine feature.
Cheryl lives in Tucson, Arizona, and spends summers in her native New Jersey.  

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