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Civil War tore across the Union Empire, leaving countless dead in its wake. It was a war started by one man, once beloved by the Empire. His betrayal still lingers in the memory of those who lived through it.

Decades later, his son, Felix Drake, is a Warden tasked with both protecting the ruling members of the Union Empire and its Council, and bringing those powerful and influential people to justice should they break the law.

Drake protects the very Empire his father sought to destroy.

When two members of a Council family are murdered, Drake and his team investigate, only to uncover corruption, resentment, and yet more death.

As the case deepens, Drake is forced back into a life he’d left long ago, bringing with it the same disdain and anger from the very people he’s sworn to protect.

However, he’s no longer a helpless child, and the people who try to intimidate him now are about to discover that Drake is so very much his father’s son.

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Drake tapped a few panels and brought up the ship’s sensors as something impacted the hull.
“What was that?” 

“We’re being shot at,” Gret said. “Looks like it came from the tower there.” She tapped a few keys on the panel beside him.
“Whatever they’re using, it’s powerful enough to make our shields really dislike it. I’m not sure we can take too many more shots when we get close.”

“Take us up, Luca,” Drake said as he used the panel to try and pinpoint exactly where the shot was fired. 

The shock-wing lifted, and Luca fired the throttle once again. 

“We’ve got two, no, three shock-wings inbound,” Gret said. “I really hope you know what you’re doing.” 

“I can’t get a lock on where that shot came from,” Drake said. “You need to get closer to the towers, preferably close enough for them to take another shot.” 

“Have you lost your mind?” Gret shouted.

On it, Luca told Drake, and the ship suddenly accelerated, flying through the clouds above them. 

“Contact,” Whesker shouted, and Drake felt
the massive plasma cannons on the rear of the ship kicking wildly as they fired. 

I can’t get close to the building while dodging shock-wings. Which one do you want more? 

“Get rid of them,” Drake said. 

The shock-wing dropped like a stone without warning as Luca changed the direction of the thrusters. They plummeted through the cloud at high speed, skimming between two walkways that connected two different towers. Drake watched on one panel as dozens of people ran across the walkway to the far tower. A panel next to him monitored the enemy shock-wings and he watched as the three tried a similar manoeuvre. They managed it, but were much slower in doing so. 

“They’re either not as fast or just more cautious,” Drake said. 

“They’re not as fast,” Gret said. “Although I doubt they’d want to do what we just did unless forced to.” 

Let’s see what they will do. 

Luca cut the shock-wing’s engines, causing the heavier rear of the ship to drift around to the side. “We’ve got all three almost on us,” Gret said, her fear obvious for everyone to hear.

“Ten seconds until missile lock.” 

The ship’s shield’s flickered as the enemy shock-wing opened fire. Whesker returned fire, and one of the ships on the screen vanished. 

“Got one,” he said. 

“Good, now get the others,” Drake told him. 

“Five seconds,” Gret said. 

The rear of the ship had now drifted around 180 degrees, and was pointing at a slight angle toward the ground. Luca put the throttle in max and the ship roared forward at incredible speed, narrowly
missing the remains of one of the enemy shock-wings and causing the other two to fly off in an attempt to avoid the chain-cannons. 

In seconds, the shock-wing had flown back between the walkways and toward the nearest tower. A second later, another shot hit the shields, causing an alarm to ring out across the cockpit. 

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Steve is a bestselling author of Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction books. His novel, Scorched Shadows, was shortlisted for a Gemmell Award for best novel. He was born in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, but now lives with his wife and three young daughters in Southampton.

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