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Review Policy

**Review requests for Jasmine are currently closed**

 **Review policy has been updated as of Januayr 23rd, 2023

General Policy 
I reserve the right to decline a review request if I feel the book is not my cup of tea. Please respect that. Thank you!

Please do not send me unedited copies. I am an editor/proofreader, and I find myself distracted by books that have not been properly edited. It usually means I will not read your book or finish your book if I start it.

I always leave honest reviews on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. I do not receive any sort of compensation for my reviews.  I do them because I enjoy reading, and I enjoy helping authors. However, if you would like to offer a small donation, please feel free to click the button below.
Also, please respect my opinion if I do leave a low rating/review. It is nothing against you as a person or an author. 

Formats Accepted
Physical copies are preferred and receive higher priority
Jasmine also accepts gifted Kindle copies direct from Amazon, epub copies, and PDF files. 

Genres Jasmine Prefers
Young adult
Urban Fantasy
Some sci-fi
Fairytale retellings (I (usually) LOVE Alice in Wonderland retellings)
Children's books

Genres Jasmine Will Consider
Paranormal romance (not shifters/alpha males; I prefer faeries, mermaids, and angels/demons)
Contemporary romance (depends on the synopsis)
Erotica/BDSM (as long as it's not all about sex; there has to be plot and character development) 
Steampunk (I've read a few I've liked, so this will depend on synopsis) 
 Middle Grade Fiction (usually for ages 8-13)
Cozy Mysteries (prefer paranormal)
Historical (Regency preferred) Romance

Genres Jasmine Doesn't Read 
Non-fiction (exceptions made for cookbooks)
Self-help (rare exceptions made)
Comic Books

Jasmine's Review Time
 I sometimes get swamped with things, so it could take me anywhere from 2 days to 2+ months to read your book. I usually try to have reviews posted 6-8 weeks after receiving a book. Please understand that I am usually busy, with job-related things to take care of, so I don't always have time to sit and read quietly.

If I do not finish a book, I will contact you and let you know that I was unable to finish. This only happens if the book ends up not being my cup of tea. I try to avoid not finishing books, but it has happened on very rare occasions.

What's Required
If you plan to ask for a review, these are some of the things we require from you first:
  • Title of book
  • Author name
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • Link to book on Goodreads or Amazon
  • If there is anything else you feel would benefit being sent, please feel free to do so
Contact Information
You can fill out the form below with all the information needed. I will try to get back to you within two days. If the form is closed, it means Jazzy Book Reviews is currently not taking any new requests yet. Thank you!