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Court of Snakes: This Desert Cage by Tycho Dwelis - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Join us for this tour from August 8 to August 26, 2022!

Book Details:

Book TitleCourt of Snakes: This Desert Cage by Tycho Dwelis
Category:  YA Fiction (Ages 13-17),  317 pages
GenreDystopian Fantasy
Publisher:  Precursor Publishing
Release date:  July 2, 2022
Content Rating:  PG + M: Some allusion to domestic abuse, fantasy violence, adults drinking alcohol


Book Description:

In the city of Segeno, it’s eat or be eaten. Someone has to rule the masses. A boy has lost his birthright. His parents killed. Dead and gone. A girl has lost her father. She means nothing to him now.

The city of Segeno stands tall after a great war, the only city left of its kind. Terran has lost both of his parents and is now on the run from a tyrant eager to kill him and cut off the royal bloodline. Parisa struggles with her own identity as even her father rejects her for the color of her skin as he claws for the throne. Along their journeys, they meet unexpected allies and encounter unprecedented magick, but, most importantly, they learn what it is to stand up for themselves and take back their city from corruption.

The Court of Snakes: This Desert Cage is the first of a two book series intended for ages 13 – 18. If you like the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Inkheart, you’ll love these books.

This series talks about systemic oppression, racism, oligarchy, and, of course, magick.

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My Review
Court of Snakes is a dystopian fantasy novel featuring well-written, realistic characters, solid world building, and magick (of course). It's a fun, captivating read that will hook you, reel you in, and refuse to throw you back until the very last page. 
The story opens with a dead body (trampled by a mammoth) and a young boy who has fallen by the wayside. Terran went from being rich and well taken care of, with both parents, to begging on the streets, struggling to adapt to this new way of life after both parents are killed. He's saved by someone who calls himself The King, and from that moment, Terran's life isn't quite as bad as it could be. Unfortunately for Terran, someone is after him, ready to destroy his royal bloodline. Can he keep one step ahead of this murderous villain?
Along the way, we the readers are introduced to Parisa. She's a young woman who has been rejected by her father because of the color of her skin. But Parisa doesn't let this stop her from making the best of a bad situation. She's definitely a tough character, and I couldn't help but admire her tenacity as her journey played out within the pages. 
Both Terran and Parisa are wonderful characters, and you can't help but want to see them happy and loved, especially with all they must endure throughout. They have a lot going on.
Plot-wise, the story is paced well, although there were a few spots where things got a little slow. The beginning, for me, also took me a little bit to get into, but once I was hooked, I couldn't wait to continue reading. There's action, there's magic, and there's the overcoming of terrible obstacles put in the characters' paths. 
If you're looking for a unique dystopian fantasy, give Court of Snakes a whirl. You won't be disappointed. I know I'm looking forward to book two.
4.5 stars!

Meet the Author:
I’m Tycho (I also use the pen name Cassidy), and I love storytelling! I’m incredibly passionate about writing, art, and anything that allows me to create my own worlds. My goal is to write dreamy fiction for all ages that is unique, inspiring, and imaginative. I like to write about themes that include coming of age, magic realism, identity, relationships, and bullying. My books are intended for readers ages eight to twenty-five, and are meant to connect the world of the fantastical to everyday life.

I currently live in Colorado and have an MA in Publishing.

connect with the author:  website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

Tour Schedule:

Aug 8 – Cover Lover Book Review – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 9 – Literary Flits – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
Aug 9 - Splashes of Joy  - book review / giveaway
Aug 10 – 411 ON BOOKS, AUTHORS, AND PUBLISHING NEWS – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 11 – JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 11 - Rockin' Book Reviews – book review / guest post / giveaway
Aug 12 – The Momma Spot – book review / giveaway
Aug 15 – Leels Loves Books – book review / giveaway
Aug 16 – Locks, Hooks and Books – book review / giveaway
Aug 17 – Book Corner News and Reviews – book review / giveaway
Aug 18 – The Page Ladies – book review
Aug 19 – Jazzy Book Reviews – book review / giveaway
Aug 22 – Sadie's Spotlight – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 23 – Kam's Place – book review
Aug 24 – Bookworm for Kids – book review / giveaway
Aug 25 – Sefina Hawke's Books – book spotlight
Aug 26 – Books and Zebras – book review
Aug 26 - Books for Books – book review

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COURT OF SNAKES by Tycho Dwellis Book Tour Giveaway



Afterworld by Olivia Boothe & Victoria Liiv - Book Blitz

Title: Afterworld
Author: Olivia Boothe & Victoria Liiv
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Post Apoc
Editor: Sylvia Curry
Cover Designer: Trif Book Design
Publication Date: Sept. 16th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR




 After a deadly virus wipes out most of the world's population, those of us who survive are left as food for the Damned, the walking corpses ravaged by the infection.

 Yet, something far more sinister stirs in the bowels of New York City. The Four Horsemen are prowling the streets, kidnapping young girls and dragging them back to their lair. And when a supply run becomes a rescue mission turned deadly, I'm left at the mercy of a sexy stranger.

 Jax Constantine weaves himself into my life with blood tingling charisma and a smile that rekindles my hope in love. But a dark secret lurks beneath his penetrating gaze and sizzling touch. One he's not willing to share, leading me to believe he might not be the man I thought.

 Now, humanity's last stand rests in my hands. To save a world consumed by evil, I must choose between stopping the Devil from claiming an already scorched Earth as his own or saving the man I love.

 The same man destined to curse my soul.

 Olivia Boothe and Victoria Liiv have teamed up to deliver you an immersive experience that meshes a character driven, spicy story with atmospheric world building in this action packed dark apocalyptic romance.

 *For audiences 18 years+ Please check authors' websites for full list of CW/TW


 Olivia enjoys crafting novels with deep, layered plots. Because it's not just about the first kiss and the happily ever after, it's about everything in between.

 In addition to writing contemporary romance, Boothe also ventures in romantic suspense and adult fantasy.

 When not locked away in her writing tower at the wee hours of the night, Olivia manages working a 9-5 job and wrangling a pack of alphas (a husband, three boys, and a doggo named Hunter). On occasion, she summons her tribe for a night of wine and shenanigans.

Author Links:

Amazon | Twitter | Goodreads | Website

Instagram | Facebook | Bookbub | Reader Group

Victoria Liiv is a writer, reader, nature lover and traveler at heart. She has been travelling through magical worlds since a very young age and wants more than anything to share the wonder with everyone else eager to escape from all things mundane.

 In her own everyday life, she found the magic in her partner, who gave her courage to move out of Estonia, the country she was born in, to an equally small but more known country of The Netherlands. He was also the one who encouraged and supported her throughout the writing process of Through Hell and Highwater.

Author Links:

Reading Journals/Book Journals by RABT Book Tours - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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The Wedding Cake by Isabella May - Book Tour

The Wedding Cake

One summer in Spain.

One accidentally double-booked eight-tier wedding cake that needs to put in a same day appearance at a rustic countryside finca AND a beachside villa.

Two brides.

Two grooms.

Hundreds of hungry guests.

Freya Ashcroft, owner and culinary whizz at Marbella’s five star bakery, is going to need a miracle to ‘save the date’. If only that was her sole dilemma - as luck wouldn't have it, she's also fallen head over heels in love with one of the aforementioned male clients...

Purchase Link -

Author Bio –

Isabella May lives in (mostly) sunny Andalusia, Spain with her husband, daughter and son, creatively inspired by the mountains and the sea. She grew up in Somerset on Glastonbury's ley lines and loves to feature her quirky English hometown in her stories.


After a degree in Modern Languages and European Studies at UWE, Bristol (and a year working abroad in Bordeaux and Stuttgart), Isabella bagged an extremely jammy and fascinating job in children's publishing... selling foreign rights for novelty, board, pop-up and non-fiction books all over the world; in every language from Icelandic to Korean, Bahasa Indonesian to Papiamento!

 All of which has fuelled her curiosity and love of international food and travel - both feature extensively in her romcoms.

 Isabella is also a Level 4 Pranic Healer and a stillbirth mum.


Social Media Links –

Twitter - @IsabellaMayBks

Facebook -

Instagram - @isabella_may_author

Child of Etherclaw by Matty Roberts - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Join us for this tour from August 2 to August 22, 2022!

Book Details:

Book Title: CHILD OF ETHERCLAW by Matty Roberts
Category:  Young Adult Fiction (13-18+),  348 pages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Dystopian
Publisher:  Twilight Fox LLC
Release date:  August 2, 2022
Formats Available for Review: print (softback) (USA and Canada) and ebook (EPUB and PDF)
Tour dates: August 2 to August 22, 2022
Content Rating:  PG-13 PG-13 for some profanity and mild violence.
Book Description:

The bonds of family go well beyond blood.

But can those bonds hold when the blood itself carries a devastating secret?

Fenlee's opal necklace had always radiated a certain warmth since her mother's death. But now, at sixteen, her world begins to unravel as the stone sparks to life, revealing itself to be an otherworldly artifact of untold power.

Between her mechatronics studies at the academy and scavenging expeditions beneath the sprawling city of New Cascadia, Fenlee and her adopted brother, Elliot, try to decipher the mysteries of her necklace and its link to events in Fenlee's past.

But they're not alone in their search.

Strange undercity dwellers offer cryptic warnings, drones track their movements, and deadly corporate agents lurk in the shadows. When tragedy rips Fenlee's family apart, she must learn to use the artifact's power to save those who are deeply precious to her. But nothing can prepare her for the dark truths that she will uncover on that journey…

“Lee,” Elliot mumbled. “I'm not who you think I am.” 

My Review
Child of Etherclaw is a delightful dystopian novel (yes, I said delightful; I'm a sucker for good dystopian writing) set about 200 years in the future. New Cascadia is the backdrop for this new world, and Fenlee is our protagonist. She's a sixteen year old girl, and her adopted brother Elliot is her only companion. Her mother is dead, and her father is off-planet for work. Fenlee is obsessed with mechatronics and is eager to do whatever it takes to prove she's better than the other students at the academy. She's determined to nab a spot at Norfayne Labs so she can help lift herself and her brother out of the low tier and into a better life. Hence why the book opens with her and Elliot scavenging in the undercity of New Cascadia. But scavenging is dangerous for many reasons, and Fenlee, unfortunately, discovers that the hard way. Not only is she trapped and having to give up her leg (prosthetic), but she and Elliot have to contend with the drones searching for illegal activity happening in the undercity. Fearing they'll be caught and/or killed, Fenlee and Elliot are surprised to discover two strange people--a woman and a little boy--have come to their rescue. What's even more strange is what the woman tells Fenlee about her necklace. It's this interaction that sets off the rest of the story, and boy, is it a good one.
I really enjoyed this book. It was engaging right off the bat, and I found myself sucked right in, eagerly flipping pages to see what might happen next and how it would all end. I can't say I was disappointed. It was just so good.
The world-building is really done well. You feel as though you could be living in New Cascadia right there alongside Fenlee and Elliot. It's easy to imagine this new world, with its strange Void Pillars and abandoned undercity patrolled by drones. 
As for the characters, I thought Fenlee was well-written. She's a likeable character, and it's not hard to want to root her for to uncover the truth. She comes across as a typical big sister sometimes, but you can tell she loves Elliot. She's also a very strong character--maybe not physically, but for sure mentally strong. She has to be, since there are people in power who come for her, wanting the power of her necklace for their own purposes. And they're very threatening.
Plot-wise, this is a fast-paced, fun read with a couple of twists thrown in (one of which I never expected). Even though a couple of spots may be a little slow at times, that in no way detracts from the rest of the story. I would have finished the book much faster if real life hadn't gotten in the way sometimes. It's that good.
Overall, if you're looking for a wonderfully written, engaging, and exciting sci-fi/fantasy read with a few twists to throw you off, definitely give Child of Etherclaw a go.
4.5 stars!
Meet the Author:

Matty Roberts began their career in journalism where they earned an Emmy and had the privilege of working on several other award-winning projects. They hold an MS from Johns Hopkins University and are now an engineer in renewable energy in Denver, Colorado where they live with their wonderful partner, two extraordinary kids, and the best doggie ever. In addition to writing, engineering, and parenting, Matty is a vegan enby nerd who is in love with this world and will forever be doing all they can to make it a better place. And they may be known to occasionally play in a punk band here or there.

connect with the author: website ~ twitter ~ instagram ~ goodreads

Tour Schedule:
Aug 2 – Cover Lover Book Review – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 2 - Olio by Marilyn – book spotlight / author interview
Aug 2 – Olio by Marilyn – book review / giveaway
Aug 3 - Kam's Place – book spotlight / author interview
Aug 3 – Book Corner News and Reviews – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 4 – JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder – book spotlight /guest post / giveaway
Aug 5 - Sadie's Spotlight - book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
Aug 8 – Splashes of Joy – book review / giveaway
Aug 8 - Rockin' Book Reviews – book review / guest post / giveaway
Aug 9 – The Momma Spot – book review / giveaway
Aug 10 – See Sadie Read – book review / giveaway
Aug 10 - Books are a Blessing – book review / giveaway
Aug 11 –  Leels Loves Books – book review / giveaway
Aug 12 – fundinmental – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 12 - Books for Books – book review
Aug 15 – HirlGrend, a Vegan Book Blog – book review / giveaway
Aug 16 – The Page Ladies – book review / giveaway
Aug 16 - Stephanie Jane – book review / giveaway
Aug 17 – She Just Loves Books – book review / giveaway
Aug 17 - 411 ON BOOKS, AUTHORS, AND PUBLISHING NEWS - book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 18 – Jazzy Book Reviews – book review / giveaway
Aug 19 –Locks, Hooks and Books – book review / giveaway
Aug 22 – Literary Flits – book review / giveaway
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CHILD OF ETHERCLAW by Matty Roberts Book Tour Giveaway


Think People Think by Allen Brown - Book Blitz

Current Events

Date Published: October 7, 2021

Publisher: Xlibris

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


A 90-year-old views of recent events, current problems, and what to expect in the future.

A "remembrance" type book, a look at the near-past, a scary look at the present, a God-forbid look at the future. A serious look at world economy, wars, life-death, rote, control of technology, computer malware, artificial intelligence, a major rewrite of our Constitution (e.g. our Constitution has no requirement for our Ambassadors to speak the language, or be knowledgeable about, the country where they are posted), a decline in honesty-can it make a comeback? Financial references (cryptocurrency is the way of the future - learn about it!), in 2019 foreign entities held an interest in 35.2 million acres of U.S. agricultural land).

About the Author

Allen Brown was born in Connecticut, raised in New York City, University of Rochester, Air War College, Chief Avionics Engineer for the Stealth Fighter (F-117), retired to Oregon coast, now in Brookdale Santa Fe senior living.

He has written 8 books: Think People Think (2021) is his last, Constitution II A New Beginning (2019) was recent previous, other books include How To Become A Living Saint (2021), The Story of Pope Maria (2015), The Elevator (2017), Doomed To Circle 9 (2017), Why Is A Cow (Childrens book 2016), Constitution 20XX (2013)

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